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Saturday Drinking

From Tom S

Saturday, 6 April 2019

We did this last year. At the first sign of sunshine, town is full of drinkers visiting from all over. This is fine as we agreed last year, as long as it does not dominate and impact on our other shops, visitors, families and residents.

Last year councillors put up “No street drinking” signs all around town to stop our square, steps and riverside becoming large extended beer gardens. Today these signs were widely ignored. Customers of the Shoulder of Mutton are using the square as their beer garden and customers of the Swan are drinking all over the Wavy Steps.

Nobody is enforcing the bans. So either enforce them, or they are useless. 

I actually think that a better way to manage this is either to ask the businesses who benefit from this culture, to fund a street warden or extra police. Or more preferably to fine the businesses themselves- thus encouraging them to take some responsibility for the actions of their customers, or recruit additional staff to make sure it does not happen.

Either way, with elections coming up, this is something I think that our councillors especially Mr Young, whose terms ends in May, will want to do something about.  

From Dave H

Monday, 8 April 2019

Those two pubs are persistent offenders. I believe they were ticked off by Hebden Royd council last summer, and things improved as a result. Looks like it needs to happen again, possibly in stronger terms.

Calderdale Licensing should also be involved, as if they are in breach, they ultimately could lose their alcohol licence.

From Kevin S

Tuesday, 16 April 2019

The drinkers will be out in force this weekend, due to the hot forecast. 
But nobody will be around to keep them within the licensed premises. 


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