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Bike Parking

From Jason Elliott
Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Having looked at the wish list from earlier in the year, a good, clean curry house would be great, but some proper covered push bike parking would be first on my list.

Something with a roof to keep the rain off and space for a dozen or two bicycles in a centralised point so the council could demonstrate their commitment to ways of attracting people to the town, other than in cars, rather than just talk about it.

This would be a great asset, not just for HB, but for any town that is genuinely examining ways to cut down on car use.

In fact, why stop at one central point? Howabout 4 or 5 other bike parking racks (is that what they're called?) around the town?

At the moment, Hebden Bridge does not really appear to be trying to promote the use of these small, quiet, carbon-neutral, health-giving, non-polluting vehicles in the slightest.

To extend this logic further, removing the frankly useless car-parking spaces in Market Street on both sides would allow for a cycle lane to be put in along one side too, thereby helping to support local businesses by getting more potential shoppers into the area.

"But what about the delivery trucks?" howl the petrol heads. Well, last time I looked there was a loading and unloading area in the mouth of Old Gate and another could be made in either Salem Street or Hilton Street surely?

From Jason Elliott
Friday, 27 June 2008

Is anyone interested in the idea of more bike parking? Or am I just whistling in the wind here?

I was going to try and push the idea along with Calderdale but no-one's interested then there seems little point.

From Janet Oosthuysen
Sunday, 29 June 2008

Hi Jason, Its already been followed up!

As part of our campaigning in the town, we looked into lockers at the station- to enable more people to use their bikes and ease parking. These are coming in the next few weeks. Only 5 more at the moment but if they are used then more will come.

As for the rest of town, Sheffield stands are coming soon too. Again as part of our campaigning, we looked into better parking in town after being contacted by residents. Trouble is the counci move slowly as we all know.... and they have promised these in the next few weeks too.

From David C
Tuesday, 1 July 2008

It is strange how unwelcoming HB seems to be for visiting cyclists. There is almost no designated cycle parking in the centre of town, poor signage for cycle routes, and no cycle lanes. The national cycle route that should go along the canal, or through the centre, is signposted up the hill through Fairfield.

From Jason Elliott
Thursday, 3 July 2008

I agree with you David. Surely a town that has so many puclic arguments about car parking would prioritise bike parking. In my opinion, all public carparks should have at least one of their bays given over to bike parking. That would be a great way to publicly and visibly encourage their use.

Thanks Janet for your response. I am wondering whether the council will wait until it starts raining in October before doing any of the work. I do hope not but suspect that this may be the case.

I am also a car driver and understand the need for car parking, but surely in such an area deprived of space and that relys on the influx of visitors from out of town for economic survival, allowing the maximum number of people to come in safety and comfort should be high on our list of what important for Hebden Bridge.