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UFO sighting

From Graham Barker
Thursday, 21 August 2008

Did anyone else see the UFO travelling roughly west-east across HB tonight at 21.45? I’m not suggesting this was aliens but it was certainly unlike anything I’ve seen before in the night sky.

It was a fast-moving light travelling in a straight line and made no noise that I was aware of. It definitely wasn’t a helicopter and was moving too fast to be an airliner. (There was actually an airliner nearby to compare it with.) The light was also completely different - larger and more a blurred orange, so maybe it was debris or a comet burning up.

After a few seconds I was able to see the object - a squarish mass - and the light started to rotate round it. That was the oddest thing - quite creepy to watch. I then lost sight of it. There was no beam, so presumably it wasn’t a searchlight. Maybe the mass itself was rotating and burning on just one side - if so, suggesting debris or a comet. But I’ve seen comets before and they didn’t look like this thing, or appear to be as low flying. It was visible for perhaps 20 seconds.

I’m aware of recent UFO sightings locally and have just read a few reports, but none seems to match what I saw. Any ideas, anyone? (And in case you’re wondering - one glass of wine, honest.)

From Janice S
Sunday, 24 August 2008

Could it have been the last remnants of the annual Perseid meteor shower? It peaked on August 12-13 but some 'shooting stars' can be seen before and after the main shower. I know nothing about astronomy, btw, just what I read on the web following some comments on the Courier website.