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Dog worrying

From Amanda M
Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Today two husky type dogs were reported to me by two holiday makers as "worrying sheep" - they stated that the dogs had cornered a sheep and were systematically biting it. They tried to intervene but the dogs started to turn on them and they felt scared.

I took my gun and investigated. The dogs were still there and there was no owner present - the sheep was bleeding profusely and another lay dead nearby. I shot them both - one was injured and ran away. I subsequently found 7 other seriously injured animals, I tried to find the injured dog. I contacted the police and as they investigated, the dogs owner threatened me with violence and suing me for killing the dog.

I feel dog owners should be fully informed about their liability is such cases. I was extremely upset about having to shoot the dogs - but would have been more upset if they had attacked the holiday makers, myself or my daughter who was also present. What about the sheep? This has happened before and we have never been fully compensated for our loss.

From Janice S
Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Amanda, this must have been very upsetting but you had no choice. I would have thought all dog owners would know that dogs who worry sheep are likely to be shot/put down. I hope that the police backed you up on this - as you said, what about the suffering caused to the sheep and the potential of these dogs to kill and injure more animals or children?

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