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Hebden Bridge businesses not recycling

From Justin Pringle
Monday, 8 September 2008

After opening the doors to our pub (Hole in the Wall), I went straight to Kerbside to gain their assistance in recyling bottles, card etc.... Chris helped, cheers mate

The costs for pick up are about £125 a quarter for my business.... weekly collections... no drama...

My question is this: How many other large bottle wasters (aka pubs and clubs-in hebden/calderdale) actually recycle their glass..... and should recycle their glass? The answer is not enough. Why the hell not?

I am now spotting the wasters, its easier for businesses to hide in green commercial bins, and let them go to landfill... because CMBC let them do this... shocking

This could offer Kerbside a commercial route to survival, Calderdale could enforce such a structured recycling initiative across Calderdale. Its a practical, true and positive action..

Each individual has been databased by Calderdale licensing department for Calderdale personal alchohol licenses. They should be made to register with Kerbside to recycle, as part of their personal licensing responsibilities. £37 it is for a licence

How many pubs, bars, resaurants,& clubs in all of Calderdale 500???

500 x £500 per year = £250,000.....

This is commercially very viable. Come on CMBC (and Kerbside) Get your businesses heads together and recycling act together.

From Graham Barker
Tuesday, 9 September 2008

This is a great idea, and an indictment of both the pub trade and Calderdale MBC that such a scheme hasn't been in operation for years.

I fear though that if the council seizes the initiative, they'll do their level best to ensure that all the business goes to Sita. It's already clear from the literature and PR associated with the 'new' recycling regime that the joint Calderdale/Sita policy is one of denying that Kerbside exists.

Therefore, perhaps one of the things we could all do as a community to support Kerbside is make pubs aware that it matters to us, their customers, where and how they recycle their glass etc. Many pubs are struggling for trade at the moment, so it ought to be in their interests to take notice of their customers' wishes.