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Hebden Bridge Town Partnership

From Jason Elliott
Thursday, 9 October 2008

As one of the attendees/speakers at the recent AGM of the Hebden Bridge Town Partnership, I would like to agree with the Hebweb and applaud the industry of Andrew Bibby in pulling so many diverse groups together.

It was most enlightening, not least in the field of being able to put faces to names.

For all its usefulness, there were one or two areas that seemed a little under-represented. In particular, the absence of any representative from the Hebden Bridge Business Association seems incredibly remiss.

Now, I don't know if they were invited or not but they represent a significant number of traders and surely need to be involved?

The result was that one individual was elected to the board to represent business in the town as whole without really having a mandate from any other commercial entity.

Also notable by their absence was any kind of representative for the town's licensees.

Surely, if alcoholic overindulgence is to be considered one the blights of the town, a little interaction with the purveyors of the perceived problem should surely be a priority?

Many of us there spoke about things that, whilst important and culturally enriching in their own right, are relatively insignificant compared to the impact licensees and shopkeepers have on our local lives.

Any thoughts?