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Councillors performance

From Jason Elliott
Monday, 29 December 2008

I would like to congratulate Hebden Royd Town Council on the latest edition of Town Talk (downloadable on this site).

It's good to see that they are on the case with a wide range of issues, from Kerbside to Central Street, and pretty much singing from the same sheet as the whole town.

What did catch my eye, however, was the attendance reports for the councillors themselves.

I am delighted to say that my pre-election concerns about Chris Sawer (Aug 1st) were completely unfounded and, along with Dave Young, he has a very laudable 100% record of participation.

Also with notable attendance records and deserving of our appreciation are Lesley Jones, Christine Bampton Smith, Robin Dixon and Gian Gabbi, none of whom have missed more than three sessions.

I would imagine being an unpaid HRTC councillor is not always the easiest thing to get motivated about, particularly when it comes to debating matters of protocol of freezing January evenings, so I just wanted to say thanks!