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Wheelie bins

From Martin G
Friday, 6 February 2009

Thanks for the info.

I am going to phone the number this morning and if I am told that I am going to get one, I will tell them where to shove it. I literally have nowhere to put it. Instead, as I go to Tod at least every week, I will take my rubbish to Eastwood.

Good old Calderdale!!!

From Chris Sawer
Saturday, 7 February 2009

You can also search the database directly online

To see the wider picture, you can search for part of a postcode, eg. "HX7 8". I was quite surprised by some of the results.

From Janice S
Saturday, 7 February 2009

I see that I'm down for a wheelie bin even though it will either block my front gate so I can't open it or block my front door (I have a very narrow front yard). If it's supposed to go outside the front door I'll have to carry it down 5 stone steps every fortnight. I can't wait... I suppose I could get the fire brigade to assess it as a fire hazard, as I'm "back to earth" and it will block my only emergency exit. Mind you, I haven't received a SITA recycling bin yet and neither have my neighbours (not that we want them) so the delivery of wheelie bins may be equally inefficient.

From Dave B
Monday, 9 February 2009

Well I'm baffled now!

I received a card telling me I was to receive a wheelie bin, blah blah blah.

I've just checked the link Chris Sawer has listed, when I enter my postcode I find that none of the properties listed are getting a wheelie bin!

Come on Calderdale - which is it? Bin or no Bin?

As for recycling, I normally take all my stuff to Eastwood - and shall continue to do so.

From Janice S
Tuesday, 10 February 2009

After being told by the proverbial "man in the pub" that I shouldn't be given a wheelie bin if I have more than two steps to haul it up, I phoned the helpline, only to be told that "Four steps doesn't sound a lot to me" (I got it wrong in my previous post, I've four steps not five). No mention of the "Assisted Collection Scheme" for people who can't haul heavy bins around. The person I spoke to didn't seem concerned that the pavement is only wide enough for one person anyway (it's 105 cm wide, the bins are 60x40x107 cm) and just confirmed that the bins have to be put by the kerb. There's a chance that the people who deliver the bins will reassess the situation (but the person I spoke to did not take my name, address or phone number) so I'm not holding out much hope...

On the positive side, how about a competition for the Best-Decorated Wheelie Bin, as part of the HB Arts Festival?

From Bob R
Tuesday, 10 February 2009

We have three (I will check this number when I get home) steps up from the path outside our house to the road, but no further pavement at the top, so I am assume that's why we are not getting a wheelie bin. I am so jealous of all these people getting shiny new bins! Can I still decorate my rusty old static bin???

From Myra James
Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Dave B. - you say you take all your recycling to Eastwood. If you live in an area where Kerbside collects, may I urge you to use their black box instead and help support this struggling social enterprise? You can find your collection day via their webiste. (Yes, I know I am subverting the "wheelie bin" thread to get in a plug for Kerbside, which has its own thread elsewhere, but they need all the help they can get).

From Christine P
Wednesday, 11 February 2009

I looked up my address on the Calderdale council and yes I am down for a Wheelie bin. I live in the Maisonettes in Fairfield so to put my rubbish out I will have to go down a flight of stairs, up a flight of stairs and down a slope to get to the car park. The next block will have an extra set of steps to go up and down. So 18 wheelie bins are supposed to go on there.

How you can control what rubbish is put in the bin is a mystery to me when it isn't outside my property.

I rang up the advice line, they told me it is up to each individual property to phone up and get a form so they can put down why they can't use a wheelie bin. They will then look at each case individually.

There are not many houses in Fairfield that have less than 5 steps.
I find it hard to believe that someone has actually been out and looked at the properties in Hebden Bridge. I know I have mentioned Fairfield but there are not many properties in Hebden Bridge that are not going to have problems with the Wheelie Bins.

From Stan M
Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Place of abode, 2nd floor flat, 6 flats to block average age of tenants 70+. Well done Calderdale fantastic reaserch, you
guessed right we are to get 6 wheelie bins.

From Martin G
Wednesday, 11 February 2009

I have put a Freedom of Information Act request in to ask:
"Could you pls provide me with full details of the parameters used to decide which properties in Hebden Bridge will get wheelie bins, and which not".

After getting an acknowledgement of this request, I then wrote to say that I particularly want to see their definition of "appropriate households" (as per the card put through the letter box).

I'll post all (any) response(s) I get.

What is there on the side of Calderdale's vans "Everone different, Everyone matters"? How about adding "Everyone can......"?

From Andy M
Saturday, 14 February 2009

Just a question for Stan M and Christine P: Where did you put your bins before?

From Anne Handley
Sunday, 15 February 2009

The cards put through our letterboxes explaining what to put out in Week A and Week B are possibly the most complicated and confusing piece of publicity I've ever seen! But, I've managed to make some sense of it and it turns out that if you recycle with Kerbside it's actually easier to remember!

Week A, you put out nothing at all (or just food waste if it won't last two weeks), and then Week B, you put your wheelie bin out for Sita and your recyclables for Kerbside.

It's much easier to remember than all that different colours for different weeks and using the right bags etc.!

Some people might also want to put plastic bottles out but personally I take mine to the tip when I take my cardboard, which nobody collects. Or you could take them both to Kerbside if that's nearer than the tip.

From Norman S
Sunday, 22 February 2009

Just a thought, the council wants us to sort out rubbish into separate bundles so they can presumabley sell the same for money. If this is the case then a fair wage to the collectors, namely all of us, should be given or we are free labour. Reycling is a good thing and the council are trying thier best but by paying us 1hr a week labour say £5 then this way we are all happy to do it, and everybody wins. The wheelie bins are unsightly and if we wanted to put similar thing out side our houses then we would probable need planning permision so I am wondering should the council pay us rent for putting these things on our land?

From Mark W
Sunday, 22 February 2009

I am afraid that I have become a bit of a sceptic with all the recycling promises made by the great and the good.

In light of recent changes to our collection, and a general concern that when I take a mountain of things to be recycled at Eastwood that the waste is contaminated and therefore goes into landfill anyway; plus, building of additional runway(s) - I have decided no more recycling - all our stuff will go in the general bin from now on.

I urge others to do this too, instead of standing idly by as both Government and government make fools of us - call it a mild sort of 'dirty protest'. Join the campaign, Keep Britain Honest...

From Andrew Hall
Sunday, 22 February 2009

Mark W has expressed what so many of us believe.

I've been pretty conscientious in trying to sort my waste. It's sometimes inconvenient, but I've always had the conviction that it's helping our environment.

And then along comes Calderdale Council, ruining a system that works very well, decimating a highly regarded and socially worthwhile company, and installing a complicated and unreasonable collection system.

Like Mark, all my rubbish will now go in my general bin. The first things to go in will be the 'food caddies' and sundry plastic bags. That will be followed by bottles, cans, organic waste, in fact absolutely everything.

Of course I don't want to. But I will not support a council who blatantly fail to listen to people. Their chief executive passes the buck at every occasion and is totally unapproachable. How on earth can we make them listen?

Sadly, the only way is to hit them where it hurts. Their sidelining of Kerbside reveals them in their true colours. It's not about saving the planet or even being socially responsible, it's about saving money and meeting targets.

Mark calls it a 'dirty protest'. Yes, that's just about right. If everyone stopped recycling for a while, and the council is penalised for not hitting recycling targets, perhaps they might just start listening.

From Martin G
Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Will they even save any money?

Take, for example, Palace House Road, where I live. I have printed off a list of all the properties showing which will and which will not get a wheelie bin.

It seems that the council is prepared on one week to send a wheelie bin lorry to collect from those houses with wheelie bins, missing out the interspersed ones that don't. The other week they will come again and collect from the houses that don't have wheelie bins. They will presumably have to have a new fleet of lorries that have the facilities to automatically lift the wheelie bins (unless the present lorries can already do that), will be using the same crews and it will take almost the same time as it takes at present.

When you add in what Mark W and Andrew Hall and many others will do, I myself will continue to recycle the articles with Kerbside that I do at the moment - the food waste will go in the standard bin - how much are they going to save?

The council still has a couple of weeks to reply to my Freedom of Information request. I will be publishing the full response on the forum. It should be interesting.

From Cllr Tim Swift
Tuesday, 24 February 2009

This is a slightly belated response to Martin G, apologies for not checking this earlier.

You should of course receive a proper response to your Freedom of Information request, but some of the details you request about the criteria for allocating wheelie bins are contained in a report to the Cabinet which is available on the Calderdale website.

The cabinet meeting on 6th October 2008 received a report entitled, "Deployment of Wheeled Bins", which contains a lengthy appendix setting out the criteria to be used in deciding which houses are suitable for wheeled bins.

I have to say that many of the other points in this thread I entirely agree with. Wheeled bins, in my view, were originally introduced by Councils because traditional dustbins were too small. Having moved to larger bins, we now propose to empty them on alternative weeks so people don't produce too much rubbish. I'm not convinced.

From Tim B
Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Why don't we take the situation here and see the positive in retaining a traditional unadopted backstreet. No cost to Council tax payers, no speeding vehicles, extra free parking area, no gentrification of adjacent properties.

Whilst I agree it's not the most pleasant looking street, it is a typical West Yorkshire/ Pennine backstreet and it still does what it was originally designed for.

From Janice S
Wednesday, 25 February 2009

I had a problem finding the report on Deployment of Wheeled Bins so thought I should post the link:

Unfortunately the report doesn't state the number of steps which make properties suitable/unsuitable for wheelie bins (a problem for me). It also states that the bin shouldn't be outside a front window (the only place a bin will fit on my property). I see that properties without pavements aren't considered suitable, yet some of my neighbours without front pavements are down for wheelie bins. I'm not sure if they know this yet, because (as far as I know) no-one on my "row" has had anything through the door yet. However, the wheelie bin roadshow hits St George's Square tomorrow so maybe we can find more information then.

From Christine P
Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Sorry it has took me so long to reply Andy M

At the moment I have a small shed on the balcony next to my front door to put the rubbish in. It is big enough for a normal size rubbish bin.

From Bill Smithson
Wednesday, 25 February 2009

It would appear that all the roadshows trumpeting our new improved service from Calderdale Council are on weekdays during 'office hours'.Therefore people who are at work cannot attend. Is it deliberate policy to discriminate against people who work for a living, or just another example of our council's incompetance?

From Martin G
Friday, 27 February 2009

I have now received a response from the council to my Freedom of Information request. It can be accessed by following this link

Residents will be interested to see that there is a form relating to each individual property that was filled in during the time of the survey, showing why their property is or is not suitable for a wheelie bin.

I have already asked for a copy of the form relating to my property. It may be worthwhile other people asking for the forms relating to their properties. Anyone who wishes to do so should address their letter to John Giddings, Calderdale Health and Social Care, 1 Park Road, Halifax HX1 2TU, alternatively Mr Giddings can be contacted on either 393938 or 392325.

Once people have a copy of their own individual forms they will be able to judge how the decision in respect of their property relates to the Council's parameters (or not).

From Nigel Y
Friday, 27 February 2009

It is worth everyone noting that the document from the council states;

"In the event of a dispute between a householder and SITA as to the suitability of a property to be provided with a wheeled bin, an Independent Arbitrator will be asked to assess the situation and determine the issue. The Arbitrator will consider the health and safety aspects of using a wheeled bin at the property in question."

From John Haughton
Friday, 27 February 2009

Like many in the area I live in a back to back terrace with a small front yard, steep narrow footpath and a narrow road wide enough to park down one side of the street only.
I would like to make the following points -

1. The bins will totally block the footpath forcing pedestrians and pushchairs into the street.

2. The bins would be a hazard and will cause damage as they will inevitably get blown over or down the hill due to the slope.

3. By Calderdale's own rules -
"Insufficient storage area :- Householders will require a sufficient area at their property to store the wheeled bin. The appropriate acceptable area required being 1metre x 1metre and not next to a front window." Many back to back terraces ought not to qualify on this ruling alone. Please read through these rules, pg4-5, like myself you may well find that your allocation of a wheelie bin is in contradiction to the council's own guidelines.

4. The bins will be an eyesore on many streets where the houses lack backyards or private gardens. A good number of these bins, if foisted on people who don't want, or can't sensibly accommodate them, will end up abandoned in communal areas. I note that "smaller capacity bins are available on request". However, these "smaller" bins are just as tall, with a smaller base, making them just as much an eyesore and less stable than the larger ones.

From Paul Brannigan
Sunday, 1 March 2009

When I first got involved with Kerbside in 2003, I had no knowledge or experience of local authorities. I had no pre-conceptions of local authorities and kept an open mind with regard to a local authority's motives. There are some great people in CMBC and I would not want them all tarred with the same brush.

After a year or two I came to the same conclusion as Andrew Hall who said on here "It's not about saving the planet or even being socially responsible, it's about saving money and meeting targets."

There are councillors and officers who are driven by saving the planet and being socially responsible, but the decision makers appear to be driven by 3 things: saving money; meeting targets; control.

The council's quest for control has been a significant barrier to Kerbside's progress. We have been chastised by an officer for "upsetting Focsa" by promoting the benefits of community recycling, whilst we never painted Focsa in a negative light.

The council controls what Sita and Focsa collect(ed) whereas Kerbside had/has free licence to add addtional materials, deliver social benefits and gain more participation and tonnage at no additional cost. To effect a change within this council the community has to take control of its actions that affect the council's chances of saving money and meeting targets. I will find it very difficult to not recycle when Kerbside runs out of money at the end of April (the fight will continue long after that date), but I will find it even harder to support our council to meet its targets by recycling via the Sita service.

If the democratic system will not meet the community's wishes then individual & community action is the best alternative

From Jim Brierley
Monday, 2 March 2009

I just checked the database - despite Caldrdale saying "Properties which do not have a suitable storage area at the front and no means to wheel the bin from the front to the back e.g. mid terrace houses with no back alley or ginnel, will not be suitable for wheeled bins and will remain on sack collections", I find that the whole of Broughton St. (Back-to-backs) is scheduled to have wheelies! This despite there being no front storage + no rear access...


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