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From Barbara Green
Friday, 6 February 2009

A fancy laminated card from Sita has been dropped through every letterbox in Calderdale I gather. It certainly dropped through mine.

The message it is clearly designed to convey is that if you wish to recycle there is only one way to do it and that is by using the facilities provided by Sita. This is manifestly untrue. Kerbside continues to provide us with the same admirable service it gave when it operated in partnership with FOCSA.

There have been setbacks for them recently, notable the fact that Hazal Blears, the Minister for Local Government, has refused to intervene on Kerbside's behalf, but we all hope that Kerbside will nevertheless be enabled to continue to collect our glass, paper and tins well beyond the much trumpeted new Recycling and Refugee service Sita proposes to introduce in April.

Slipped in among the ballyhoo there is one sentence in heavy type to the effect that refugee collections will take place only every other week instead of every week as it the case now. What kind of an improvement is that? So please, everybody, do not be deceived. Continue to use your black Kerbside boxes as you have been doing and do so in huge numbers.

From Jason Elliott
Friday, 6 February 2009

Barbara is absolutely right.

Words and good intentions are one thing, but deeds really count.

It is really important that we all keep recycling with Kerbside and that, when the some of the most vulnerable amongst us are threatened by a lethal combination of ineptitude and corporate greed, we all pull together as the truly remarkable community that we know we are.

The scrap value of recyclable material has dropped substantially in the last few months, so please make sure you don't put anything in your "landfill" bin that Kerbside can recycle. (A list is at www.kerbside.org.uk)

To follow in Barbara's theme: "No pasaran!"

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