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What's going on at Mayroyd?

From Gwen Goddard
Thursday, 26 February 2009

Does anyone know what is happening on the land between the station and Walkleys Clogs?

The obstructions to vehicular access have been removed and what appears to be a mini race track is being established.

From Martin G
Friday, 15 May 2009

I see the waste land to the east of the houses has been fenced off and the ridiculous sign 'Trespassers will be PROSECUTED' has been put up. It should be 'Trespassers will be sued'.

Anyone know what is happening?

From Paul D
Tuesday, 19 May 2009

The land is part of the plan (refused) for the redevelopment of the old Walkley clog factory (called Maude's really) and can be found online here.

An earlier application (approved) shows the original plans went right up to the station:

But at least we escaped the themed railway and water feature of a more extensive application. The company Revegate Ltd. are sort of stuck with the Mill and some land they can't develop in a credit crunch. It could be a good time for Calderdale MBC to cut a deal with them and donate the land to the people of Hebden Royd. It's a widlife corridor and an essential visual break between the two communities. With a bit of vision and our cash, we could have a fantastic resource - but hey it's Calderdale, so expect mud, machinery and more jostling until something is agreed.

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