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Bike parking at Hole in Wall

From Justin P
Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Just to let people know, we have a meeting re: cycling, tourism, etc in Hebden Bridge on Tuesday 10th April evening at 7-30 pm

I'd like to add secure bike parking to the front of the pub, on the triangulated waste of land in front, just to the west side of the old bridge.

I reckon its the perfect spot for a bike rack, cage, clever sculpture etc... of sorts.

I can even have a camera focused on it from the pub

how could we get this bullied through, and financed???



From Janice S
Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Justin, did you mean 10 March rather than 10 April for the meeting?

A bike stand sounds a good idea - I've seen "round a tree" bike stands so you could even have a central sculpture surrounded by a circle of bike racks. A heron would be nice (I was tempted to suggest a statue of Bernard Ingham or a giant wheelie bin but thought better of it).

From Justin P
Monday, 16 March 2009

A good meeting, by all accounts well attended with a broad group of interests


  • plenty of good things to add value to Hebden Bridge,
  • bring in revenue, and help promote the benefits of Calderdales
  • pleasant valley to the UK audience of cycling
  • access to the town, sustainable tourism, access for all, and
  • specialist events suggested for Mountain Bikers, Cyclo Crossers,
  • Trialers, Roadies and family riders...

  • what hebden bridge, mytholmroyd and Todmorden need to provide to make cycling better
  • branding and awareness signage,
  • pedestrian and road safety
  • erosion, and environmental concerns

all were covered

We will host a future meeting next month,

So thought it might make sense for anyone to e-mail me direct, or post on this forum, their thoughts, so we can get some events implemented by this spring/summer.

An Ingham rack, interesting, we'd get plenty bikes around that nucleus. Let's just hope that the bikes don't become just as deflated as his regular comments in the local rag. I'd like to think it could be more of a practical convenience to Hebden Bridge rather than just a distraction...