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Shops closing in Hebden

Shops closing

From Richard Hull
Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Martin's Newsagents cleared out very suddenly on Monday; Icon Kitchen shop cleared out very recently.

I would like to see Hebden Royd Council debating possible interventions that don't involve dealing with Calderdale because it is increasingly obvious that Calderdale are totally incompetent.

Surely Hebden Royd are able to approach the property owners and negotiate for some of the many, many voluntary groups in the area that are desperate for office/retail space, even on very insecure short-term lets?

From Tim N
Wednesday, 11 March 2009

There is a notice on the window of Martins saying 'newspapers available from Oasis during refit' so prehaps it's not as devastating as it first seems.

From Richard Hull
Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Oops, thanks for that, serves me right for not looking carefully enough.

However, I stand by my suggestion, given the number of empty retail/commercial premises in Hebden.

As a first step, can I suggest that Hebden Royd Council compile an openly accessible Register of Landlords of Retail/Commercial property which includes their contact details, even if that is only 'C/O some solicitor'. I know that information is usually available from The Land Registry, but each search costs money (£1, I think) so why not get it all done in one fell swoop?

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