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Paul Brannigan standing for Calderdale

From Jo Beacroft-Mitchell
Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Whilst I commend Paul's chutzpa for standing on a public platform for what he believes in (Lord knows I've invited others to do the same more than once on this forum), I wonder if he is fully aware of the implications of his standing in Skircoat ?

As an elected councillor he would be governed by the committee for standards in public life. Because he is a director of Kerbside, if and when the issues of this whole sorry farce are debated in council, he would therefore have to declare an interest and leave the chamber or committee room. Because of his link to the organisation, as a councillor, he is barred from speaking up for them.

His election may demonstrate to Calderdale the strength of public support and love for Kerbside (as if they are not already aware!). But at the same time,his election would rob Kerbside of its most effective and respected (not to mention passionate) advocate at a time when we need him most.

I do not doubt for one moment that certain senior Calderdale councillors would seek to use standards against Paul if it meant them getting their own way. I would hate to see the Tory Cabinet and their collaborators get away without a full and frank enquiry because Paul has taken a principled, but in my view slightly misguided, stand.