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Calder Valley for fibre rollout

From N Yorke
Monday, 23 March 2009

I see from the list on The Register Calder Valley will get super fast broadband - "West Yorkshire will serve as a testing ground for FTTC technology in rural areas."

Halifax - West Yorkshire
Calder Valley - West Yorkshire

The Calder Valley exchange is in Mytholmroyd

From Rob Blake
Tuesday, 24 March 2009

When I first saw this yesterday I thought that it meant fast broadband throughout the valley - I'd forgotten that the exchange in royd is called 'Calder Valley'. I guess it's fair that Mytholmroyd should get first dibs this time - remember the trigger level debacle of 2004? Mytholmroyd got left out in the cold back then if I remember correctly...

From Richard Hull
Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Hah, we'll be very lucky if this ever happens, which I doubt, and if it ever does happen who will still control it?

Why should we always have to wait for big business to be ever so gracious as to allow us the same (telecomms) services as city-folk?

Some of us are attempting to instead take the fibre future into our own hands. See Calder Valley Our Net, Facebook Group and open Googlemail Group



From Lindsey Annison
Wednesday, 25 March 2009

FTTC is still an interim tech, and not the eNdGAme, which is of course FTTH. An announcement such as this by BT should in no way stop the sterling work being done in HB to bring mutually owned FTTH to the Valley. As ever with these announcement by BT, it is an attempt to convince people that BT are going to get on and do what is required and prevent others stepping in and taking market share.

However, the fact that they have even chosen Calder Valley for FTTC trials implies the level of threat is suitably high from the HB work and thinking. Keep up the great work - we all want FTTH sooner rather than later (which it will be with BT) and with the infrastructure owned by the community and HB is leading the way with other rural communities to show how this should be done.