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World on Your Doorstep

From Lisa B
Friday, 17 April 2009

Trying to find out whether this is going to happen this year??

From Dave Boardman
Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Unfortunately World on Your Doostep is not going to happen this summer.

The three directors had quite separate reasons for not having the time to organise the event. Dave Boardman's mother has been ill, she's spent the last six weeks in hospital. Janet Oosthuisen had all kinds of Labour Party goings on and Katie Hansen had new business comitments. Nick Chapman had done well organising acoustuic events, but the essemtial world music element was not in place, or likely to be. Fran Minto had done a sterling job trying to hold it all together, but was unable to attract enough support or funding.

A decison was made to cancel this year's event. A grant from Hebden Royd was returned. Hopefully there will be a festival next summer - that probably guarantees good weather for the third weekend in July!

From Emma Smith
Thursday, 7 May 2009

Following on from Dave's post re WOYD, if we are to have a festival next year, folks need to get behind it and get involved....if you good folks want a fabulous free music festival in Hebden, well, we all need to make it happen!

So, if you want to get involved and have any skills that might be useful - fundraising, organising - or just want to help out on the weekend and have fun, please watch this space, we may shout out for you!