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Midgehole parking signs

From Rob C
Tuesday, 23 June 2009

I am truly amazed at the decision to install new parking restriction signs along Midgehole Road on the way to Hardcastle Crags.

Speaking as a local resident, there is a definite need to apply these restrictions along the road, but the original signs were more than adequate. The road is 0.9 miles long from the junction with Keighley Road to the National trust car park, and it now has 46 (yes forty-six !) 'No Parking' signs, most of which are mounted on galvanised posts concreted into the ground. The parking restriction times haven't changed from the old signs, of which there were about 12 mounted on the roadside walls. All the old signs have been removed and presumably thrown away.

Considering the state of many road surfaces in the area (not least the Central Street saga), isn't it reassuring that taxpayers' money is being spent in the most efficient way ? !!

From Andrew H
Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Rob C is spot on. Whoever is responsible for allowing these signs to be erected should be hung, drawn and quartered.

There are similar situations in Heptonstall where meaningless and pointless traffic signs have been erected on both Townfield Lane and Northgate. Do the authorities not see that these signs are at complete odds with their surroundings and make a complete mokery of national trust and conservation area status.

It's amazing that you have to go through so many stages to get planning permission for the most insignificant additions and improvements to property whilst this liberal planting of posts and signs goes on unabated.