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Network Rail tree felling

From Geoff Kerr
Monday, 29 June 2009

In response to the various posts -

Before 1968, when regular steam operation ended, linesides were kept free of trees, because of the fire risk. Since then, vegetation growth has been allowed virtually unchecked. The result -

- increasing leaf-fall problems every autumn
- difficulty for drivers sighting signals
- rail passengers, many of whom would like to see the view, travelling in a "green tunnel" for much of their journey.

As a rail photographer, I think the work done at Eastwood is great. Just look at photographs taken before 1968 and see how many are possible now.

There are many places for trees, but alongside railways is not one.

From Ian J
Thursday, 2 July 2009

Returning to an old theme. Has anyone else noticed the bright shiny new mobile phone mast that’s seems to have appeared since the trees were felled. I’ve only just notice it in the last few weeks. Perhaps this was the real reason for felling the trees?

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