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From Coun Susan Press
Sunday, 5 July 2009

There has been much Forum discussion in recent months of Labour's local selection saga - with many understandably expressing their dismay that our PPC Janet Oosthuysen was not endorsed by the NEC.

My attempt, in the wake of that, to be PPC was defeated in circumstances which many of us still believe to be questionable but I think it is now time to move on - and fight back.

Sadly, several of my friends in Hebden Bridge have now left the Labour Party as a result of what happened and while I appreciate entirely why I don't believe that is a stragegy which does anything other than weaken the influence (already weak) of the Left in the Party.

As some of you will know, I'm national Vice-Chair of the Labour Representation Committee, which has over 1000 members across the country.

We carry on the fight within and withour the Party for change and- given the rate at which New labour MPs are quitting - there will still be much to fight for after the next General Election - whatever happens in Calder Valley.

I know many in Hebden are sceptical about thge point of such an organisation and say they will never vote Labour again. But, after 30 years in the Party, I still believe things can change . After all, East Coast line has just been nationalised! So there is much to keep us busy in the months ahead.

There's a meeting in the Fox and Goose on Saturday July 11 at 2pm for anyone interested in having their say, expressing their anger, or just finding out more. I hope some of the people who have contributed to the many comments on the recent selection saga will come along.

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