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Labour to send Craig to Westminster

From Holly Owen
Monday, 17 August 2009

Well done Labour! If the Iraq War, incompetent bankers, rising inequalities and climate change complacency wasn't enough to make sure your voters stayed at home at the next General Election, you have now found a parliamentary candidate who is dividing both party members and Labour voters. And in a constituency where only a few hundred voters separated Labour and Tory at the last election. Have you just given up and decided the Calder Valley is a seat which is no longer winnable? Are you going to help send Tory Craig to Westminster? Or are you going to show some leadership and give us a candidate who can unite and inspire?

From Ron Taylor
Tuesday, 18 August 2009

A curious aspect of Steph Booth's campaign to become the Labour Parliamentary candidate for the Calder Valley constituency is that she never mentioned the fact that in the late 1990s she lived in Hebden Bridge and worked at Calderdale College. Does anyone know why ?

In answering this question one must be aware that Mrs Booth is a very litigious person.

From Graham Barker
Friday, 21 August 2009

So Steph Booth really exists then?

From Ron Taylor
Sunday, 23 August 2009

She certainly does exist but when she lived in Hebden Bridge her surname was Buckley.

A possible reason for not mentioning her time in Hebden in her political literature can be found on the pages of the Mail on Sunday, May 25th 1997.

From Ron Taylor
Monday, 24 August 2009

I should have said in my last contribution that if anyone wants to access the Mail on Sunday article and can't, I can send a scanned copy.

From Holly Owen
Sunday, 13 September 2009

I note that no-one from the Labour Party has replied to my message of 17th August by extolling the virtues and talents of the Labour candidate. I think that answers my question. Labour does want Craig in Westminster.

From John Greenwood
Wednesday, 23 September 2009

What an interesting article hit The Mail on Sunday, but not yet reported by the Yorkshire Post or Halifax Courier? It's very pertinent to Calder Valley constituents, yet is remaining unspoken.
I notice the Editor on here has bravely stood out from the crowd to mention it! No mention on the forum yet though!

What's up with everyone? Are you all frightened of having your pants sued off you? So much for freedom of speech! I for one won't be litigated into silence. Here, I'll give you all a start... 'Steph Booth' and 'Hitting'. I'll get my pants, but that's all you're getting!

From Graham Barker
Wednesday, 23 September 2009

I don’t remotely want to be an apologist for Steph Booth, but the incident as reported in the Daily Mail is no big deal, especially to any male who went to school before about 1970. Reading between the lines, the youth she allegedly struck is no angel and his reported reaction - ‘I was frozen in my seat in shock’ - sounds a mite unconvincing. Were she a Conservative parliamentary candidate, the DM would probably have presented her as a martyr to political correctness.

None the less, given precedent it’s courageous of Hebweb to report this, but before commenting further we should all bear in mind that actions for defamation would threaten not just individual posters on this forum but also the publisher (Hebweb) and, in the case of print journals, the printer. This may be why the Yorkshire Post and Halifax Courier, both owned by the financially ailing Johnston Press, don’t run certain stories. One therefore can’t be defiant and say ‘so sue me’ without the prior agreement of other people who risk being sued alongside you.

But to judge from what is in circulation, the Steph Booth saga seems far from over...

From Rev Tony Buglass
Friday, 25 September 2009

I think the Yorkshire Post and Halifax Courier are very wise not to swallow the bait. Any Daily Mail article attacking a Labour candidate, especially one who is not particularly popular and is in a contest against a strong Tory, should be taken with a large pinch of salt.

I would say the same for any Daily Mail article, but then they'd accuse me of bias. (Pots, kettles....)

From John Greenwood
Saturday, 26 September 2009

We have a couple of sayings, 'There's no such thing as bad publicity' if so, has the Mail on Sunday done Steph Booth any favours with the article? I for one would not like it alleged nationwide I have hit a child, especially when supporting comments argue 'I should have hit him harder'

The next one is, 'No news is good news'
The latest news on our PPC's website is dated 18th August (nice fluffy publicity shots!)

If the local rags are litigated into silence for negative press then I suppose they should avoid positive press also, unless there really is nothing to report?

I also note from a report on the home page she was absent from a fundamental meeting regarding the future of Labour.

Has she gone to ground? Where is she? Come out PPC wherever you are!

From Mark Fisher
Sunday, 27 September 2009

John, Steph Booth did not say "I should have hit him harder".

From John Greenwood
Sunday, 27 September 2009

Mark, If you read my comment again, it says; 'I' for one would not like it alleged nationwide 'I' have hit a child, especially when 'supporting comments argue' 'I should have hit him harder'.

It is coming from my perspective on the subject with my lunatic supporters commenting that I should have hit him harder!
Is that any clearer?

From Graham Barker
Sunday, 27 September 2009

Can't resist striking a blow (geddit?) for pedantry here. John, if the last few words in your first paragraph had been punctuated thus:

... when supporting comments argue I 'should have hit him harder'...

the confusion might not have arisen. Thank you. No need to get up.

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