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Tesco takeover in Holmfirth

From Helen A
Monday, 19 January 2009

I know this post isn't strictly related to Hebden Bridge but I feel that Holmfirth and Hebden Bridge are similar kind of towns and share a similar history.

Tesco have announced plans to open a huge superstore in Holmfirth. Although it would be a green building an action group has been set up to oppose it as many people believe that a Tesco would kill the centre of Holmfirth by taking away the town centre trade to our small independant shops as well as killing the village shops dotted around.

Holmfirth is struggling as it is with a lack of direction amongst the shops. Hebden Bridge has been really successful over the past 20 years or so and gives us a bit of an inspiration as to how to move forward.

In Holmfirth we need all the help we can get to fight Tesco so Im posting to ask people to join us in a spirit of co-operation and visit www.holmfirthagainsttesco.co.uk for details of how you could help (writing letters to planners etc)

Alternatively we also appreciate your support at our Myspace site where we will post details when a plan of action is readied.

Thank you very much for your support