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Calder Slick

From S Win
Thursday, 12 November 2009

This morning I noticed a smell of petrol/oil of some kind. This was in Charlestown. I thought nothing of it. However, the same smell was also apparent near the train station, as I looked over the bridge on the approach to the station it looks like and oily film is present over the surface of the Calder, any Ideas what is happening, it's not looking good.

From Elchen U

Yes I saw this at 8.30 this morning on my way to Mytholmroyd. A chap from the environmental agency rang me to say that there was a diesel spillage in Walsden last night at around midnight and that they have been working on it since then to try and alleviate the amount of pullution it has caused, so far I haven't seen any dead fish as apparently that is what they lookout for. You can ring 0800 807060 for more info and to report any dead wildlife caused by the spillage.

From Rob Blake
Thursday, 12 November 2009

I just had a call from the Environment Agency after I reported the pollution this morning.

They've identified the source of the slick as a leaking tank at a business above Walsden. They said they're doing their best to clean it up, but a lot of Diesel has already seeped into the ground, although the forecast heavy rain over the next few days should help to wash away the slick on the river.

They also said that they are treating it as a serious incident.

I think it's real tragedy for the wildlife. I regularly see dippers and Kingfishers on the Calder, and I hope they can survive this horrible accident.

From John Knapp
Thursday, 12 November 2009

This leak must have been going on for quite a while as apparently there has been a smell of diesel oil over Todmorden for well over a week. It wasn't possible to ascertain where the smell was coming from as it came and went with the wind and the slick hadn't appeared in the river. Not everyone could detect it but it must have been percolating through the soil and on still days the oily smell was pervasive.