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Market move to Lees Yard

From Jill Smith-Moorehouse
Press Secretary, Calder Civic Trust
Sunday, 29 November 2009

The Calder Civic Trust was pleased to support Peter Layfield's letter of 5th Nov. pointing out that parking spaces would be lost not gained if the market moves to a permanent site in Lees Yard. In a town where parking spaces are at a premium this is not a desirable outcome.

By his and our calculations the change would result in gaining 75 places per week in Valley Rd. but losing 126 places in Lees Yard, giving a net loss of 51.

The extra parking made now on the old fire station site means there is no rush to make a decision about the market relocation.
Also the civic trust feels that the loading and unloading of traders vehicles in a busy spot next to Lees yard increases the risk of accidents to pedestrians, children, and the disabled.

This scheme will also be very costly, so what do you think about it?

From Graham Barker
Sunday, 13 December 2009

There might not be a market to move if Calderdale doesn’t improve its relations with the regular traders who form the backbone of the market. One of them told me today that Calderdale’s markets manager has decreed that there should be a market on New Year’s Eve, despite all the regulars telling him that they don’t want one on that day and won’t be there. Rather than seek a compromise, Calderdale has told them that if they don’t turn up they either have to pay that day’s rent, or lose one of their two annual holiday days. The suspicion is that Calderdale is putting the interests of the team that erects the stalls - and who presumably lose some pay if the market doesn’t run - ahead of the interests of the traders.

Relations between market traders and Calderdale are apparently not good generally, either here or in Todmorden, so if any move to Lees Yard is mishandled, there could be an exodus of experienced traders from Hebden Bridge.