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Michael Teale

Michael, who died in April 2009, was known to everyone who lived in Hebden Bridge. As the Big Issue seller in the square he was out in all weathers and one of our most familiar faces.

Funeral details

From Gary Rathbone
Wednesday, 6 May 2009

I'm sure, like many people, I will remember Mick as far more than that. Mick was someone who took his time to ask how I was, despite his own problems. He was a familiar friendly face and a delight to talk with. He touched many lives, as the tribute flowers show.

As the flowers die I hope Micks memory will survive. I think a plaque on the pillar near where he sat would be appropriate.

I have spoken to the Big Issue office in Leeds who would like to extend their thanks to everyone who has left flowers and expressed their sentiments.

They also expressed concern that they were seen not to be taking any commemorative action themselves. However, it was explained they're unable to do anything until they receive permission from Micks next of kin.

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Michael Teale

Michael Teale - photo from Jason Elliott's
500 faces of Hebden Bridge


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