Rob Armstrong


Rob Armstrong

Friends of a Calderdale musician who has died are planning to celebrate his life in words and music.

Instead of a hearse, a decorated camper van used for music festivals will transport the mus-ician to his funeral.

Rob Armstrong, who lived in Midgley, died catching a bus in Luddenden Foot last Friday. He was 51.

He was a committed socialist and treasurer at the Trades Club, Hebden Bridge and one of the organisers of Hebden Bridge's Riverside Festival.

He leaves his mother, a brother and sister – and they decided they wanted to celebrate his life rather than mourn his death.
So, instead of a hearse, a colourfully decorated camper van will carry him to Park Wood crematorium, Elland, on Monday. His body will be in an environnment-friendly bamboo casket, decora-ted by his friends with flowers from their gardens The casket will also contain mementoes from his friends.

Mr Armstrong was notoriously unpunctual. He will therefore arrive late for his 11.30 am funeral which will be a humanist service.

Afterwards friends will gather at the Trades Club at Hebden Bridge. On stage will be Mr Armstrong's musical instruments – 65 drums, plus his much-loved guitar, fiddles, and more exotic instruments from Africa.

On September 24, an organised concert will be held at the Trades Club to celebrate his life.

Trades club president Peter Lazenby said: "Rob was quite simply the most gentle person I have ever met. He had no harsh words for anyone. He was kind and extremely generous with his time. He would spend hours helping less experienced musicians to learn a new tune."

Halifax Courier - 4th August



From Sharon
Tuesday, 19 December 2006

I haven't been moored in Hebden this year (I was for the last six years) and it was only now, looking for memorials on the web of Josh from the Open Mic night who was recently killed, that I discovered that Hebden has also lost Rob.

He was a big part of my Open Mic nights too, at the Trades and before that at the Railway, and would always encourage me to play, when I was only a newcomer to Open Mic and really needed the encouragedment to give it a go.

I remember when he invited me to his 50th birthday, I thought he was joking - I couldn't believe he was anywhere near that age. Another good friend and musician that we have lost too soon.

Thanks Rob, for being part of making me feel so at home in Hebden.

From Beaky
Thursday, September 14, 2006

I only just found out that Rob passed away, I caught it in the evening courier today. Rob played guitar in a band (Jacob with me for about a year in 1997 I think it was, just before he moved to the area, though he was looking to move to the Calder Valley at the time he was living in Doncaster. I have an endearing memory of him surrounded by lots of gadgets and bits of kit I'd certainly never seen before, creating some really quite unique sounds. It was an absolute pleasure to have known him and his cheshire cat smile... I'm sure many, many people will miss him dearly. I'm hoping to come to the gig at the trades to pay my respects.

From Sue Hancocks
Thursday, 29 September 2016

Hi guys and gals, Rob Armstrong was my dearly loved brother who left us 10 years ago. I am sure many of you will remember him. I want to share with you just how much Rob loved being part of your community. To be honest, Rob never fit in anywhere until moved to Hebden Bridge, then suddenly he was home.

I still miss Rob every day, he was the best a brother could be, and I am so thankful he found a life with you.