Massive fly tipping in Cragg Vale over the weekend

Residents and visitors to the beautiful moors above Cragg Vale were horrified to find a huge amount of household clearance items dumped roadside over the weekend.

Massive fly tipping in Cragg Vale over the weekend

Councillor Scott Trickett said, "The moors above Cragg Vale  are truly outstanding natural beauty and together with the longest hill, reasons that Cragg Vale which was  included in Le Tour international cycling event and now sees significant visitors from outside the area. People are understandably extremely proud of area we live in  and the wider interest our area which has been generated.

"This  dumping of waste in our area has left people disgusted to be honest and local residents and people passing through are being urged to keep a watchful eye on suspicious vehicles in the area. This occasion we have seen what appears to be multiple loads occurred at the same time probably from one operator."

Cragg Vale Residents have been monitoring and reporting these cases to Calderdale Council Environmental Health Department.  Hebden Royd Town Council have asked that if anybody travelling along Blackstone Edge Road, the B6138, from Blackstone Edge Reservoir down into Cragg Vale notices any suspicious vehicles or tipping  that they let Calderdale Environmental Health know the details on 001422 288001 or contact Emma at Hebden Royd Town Council on 01422 842181. The following information will be helpful:

  1. the day, date and time and location
  2. description of any people involved
  3. what was fly-tipped and how much
  4. details of any vehicle involved including registration number, colour, make and model.

Please remember if you see someone fly-tipping never approach them. Never touch or sort through the waste as it may contain hazardous materials, broken glass or syringes.

Prosecutions of fly tippers could result in heavy penalties for the offenders. Fly-tipping fines are up to £20,000 and/or 6 months' imprisonment. Where fly-tipping involves the use of a vehicle, the driver can be prosecuted, as can the owner of the vehicle'.

You can contact Calderdale Environmental Health on 0845 245 6000

Added: Thursday, 19 May 2016