Low-energy lighting:  LED Fantastic!Low-energy lighting:
LED Fantastic!

A Guardian article earlier this year suggested that if everyone in Britain swapped to LEDs we could do without 8 power stations.

Monday, 14 December 2009

Low-energy lighting is essential for a low-carbon lifestyle. LEDs (light-emitting diodes) use many times less power than traditional light-bulbs and less power than compact fluorescents (aka 'low-energy bulbs') too. LEDs also last longer than compact fluorescents and contain no mercury.

Low-energy lighting:  LED Fantastic!

Low-energy lighting:  LED Fantastic!LED technology has come a long way in recent years - a whole range of colours and intensities, including a golden-hued 'warm white', are now available.

Replacing halogen bulbs with LEDs can be a simple way to significantly reduce power usage and electricity bills. LEDs can also be used creatively in artworks, festive lighting and costumes; they can be powered by AA batteries (rechargeable) or 12-volt supplies (ie car or leisure batteries) as well as 240-volt (either directly or through transformers).

Interested? Inspired?

LED Workshops will be held at the Nutclough Studio (in the old Nutclough Tavern/Zion Housing Co-op) on Sunday 20th December.

Low-energy lighting:  LED Fantastic!

Learn how to wire and solder low-energy LEDs into customised designs: make yourself some fairy-lights; a torch or spotlight; design some glowing decor for your home, your hat or your boat; or just come to learn more and see what's available.

Workshop attendance costs £3 plus participants pay for the LEDs and parts used (£2- £12). Feel free to bring costumes and artworks to adorn... or come empty-handed and see what you can make from scratch. No experience necessary; children are welcome but must be accompanied by an adult.

See www.ledfantastic.com for more info or to book a place at a Workshop.

Thanks to Emma Fordham and Dave Brooks for this news item


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