Hebweb Broadband


Broadband has arrived in Hebden Bridge and 3-C are already the leading supplier of this service. The Calder Valley Exchange has now been triggered and is awaiting an activation date. Monday, October 13, 2003

Aug 15th: BBC Radio Leeds featured our new local broadband ISP: 3-C. Click here to hear the news item in RealAudio.

Aug 1st: 3-C (Calder Connect Co-operative) gets backing of Hebden Royd Council and founding member of Freeserve

17th July: Mark O'Leary discusses the Calder Valley Exchange Trigger Level and BT's bizarre marketing strategy.

16th July: Robert Currey is inviting us to explore a way of linking all the computers in our valley - wirelessly - now postponed

July 10: Mark Campbell writes comments on the high trigger level for Calder Valley exchange. 16th July: Reply from Frances Robinson

July 10: Calder Valley gets trigger. The Calder Valley exchange which covers Mytholmroyd, Cragg Vale and Luddenden Foot has today finally been given a trigger level: 500. Currently, 296 have registered.

24th May: Brian Marsden offers his support for the campaign to bring broadband to Mytholmroyd

Meeting: Hebweb news report

22nd May: Mark Campbell writes that the community coop sounds like a good idea . . . .

21st May: Richard writes with suggestions following last night's meeting and Frances tells us that coop registration forms are being distributed in Mytholmroyd

21st May: Yesterday evening, over 50 people attended a public meeting called to establish a community co-operative isp to provide broadband locally. Considerable enthusiam was expressed for the venture following an excellent presentation by local consultant Mark Harrison. Nearly everyone paid one pound to join and sign up. Watch this space for more information about the provisionally titled Global Valley Community Cooperative

20th May: Hebden Bridge broadband activation brought forward to 24th September

19th May:Gordon Rimer questions definition of broadband

14th May: Chris McCafferty MP to Mytholmroyd.net

13th May: Thanks to correspondents who have written to us today with the news that Hebden Bridge is currently due to be upgraded for broadband on 8th October. We are making representations for this to be brought forward.

On Friday, May 2, 2003 BT confirmed that the HB trigger level has been lowered to 300, and that Hebden Bridge should be broadband enabled.

Consultant Mark Harrison has now completed the Digital Profile Report commissioned by the Hebden Bridge Web is now available.

Consultant Mark Harrison has now completed the Digital Profile Report commissioned by the Hebden Bridge Web is now available.