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Redevelopment plans - Hebble End Works

From Jayne J

Wednesday, 24 October 2018

If you haven't already seen please check out the planning application on Calderdale's website - 18/01007/FUL - relating to the development of Hebble End works converting the first floor (currently used by artists in the mill and other community projects) into multiple occupancy holiday apartments.

This development, if it went ahead, would have a devastating impact on the local area including on the residents, current tenants in the mill,  the canal path (including to the wildlife there) not to mention access down the path for building work to be carried out. 

The online consultation is open until 2nd November. 

From Lisa Slater

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

I really feel for the creative people who are at Hebble End. They are powerless to object to Davide Fletcher's plans to redevelop. If they object their monthly rent contract would probably be terminated. If they do nothing, they will lose their studios anyway if planning permission goes ahead. 

I understand the roof needs replacing and it's the reason behind this. Well why not replace it and keep the ambience and current purpose of the space supporting artists and creativity and not the tourist industry. 

Hebble End is one of the long standing lights of Hebden. I hope a more creative community focused solution is reached.