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Town Council conduct Age Friendly Survey

Tuesday, 27 October 2020

Hebden Royd residents invited to have their say to make the community a great place to grow older

Hebden Royd Town Council agreed earlier this year to work towards becoming an Age Friendly Council.

This can’t be done without the involvement of older people themselves. The Council has launched an Age Friendly community survey and invites everybody to complete the survey and help the council realise their vision of making the community a great place to grow older.

According to the World Health Organisation an Age Friendly community:

  • Is a place in which people want to grow older
  • Fosters healthy and active ageing
  • Enables older people to:
    - Age safely in a place that is right for them
    - Be free from poverty
    - Continue to develop personally
    - Contribute to their communities while retaining autonomy and dignity.

Hebden Royd Mayor Cllr Val Stevens said, “Our survey is now live, and we are inviting the community to give us their feedback. The survey is vital in helping us understand our vision in making Hebden Royd a better place to live and grow old.”

The Mayor continues, “It is important to us that residents are engaged in shaping the place where they live. We want older people to feel included and their voices heard. Older people should be able to live independent lives, contribute to their communities and participate in the activities they value for longer.”

To complete the survey, click here