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Woven in the Pennine Hills
Welcome to Hebden Bridge in the Yorkshire Pennines SEARCH

SWIMMING POOL Association land - it was sold for £885,000! Charities Commission respond to concerns and remind trustees of their responsibilities. More info and more questions - 18 Nov

Sundial - Calderdale give the go ahead. Angela Kent spoke on behalf of about 15 objectors, Cllr Elder from the Town Council in support. See revised plan of square and forum for extensive discussion - 16 Nov

Local authors give their support
Campaigners answer landowner - see discussion - 14 Nov

Hit and run around 2-3am Sunday. A 28-year-old man walking along Market Street in the early hours of Sunday was hit and seriously injured by a car whose driver sped away towards Todmorden. Market Street was closed all morning. - 12 Nov Update: police have arrested a 21 year old man - 13 Nov

Sundial D Day - see News in Brief - 10 Nov

Digital Switchover - MP asks question in Parliament - see News in brief - 7 Nov

"Plane Stupid" - Hebden Bridge woman arrested at protest 6 Nov

HB bonfire 2006

Bonfire - see short video clip of Calder Holmes display, discussion and the Green Tops guy which tops the Steep Fields bonfire 5 Nov

Blackout - substantial parts of Mytholmroyd were without power from 4pm and all evening, on a very cold November night. More info and photos and discussion 3 Nov

Former swimming pool site at Victorial Road: what happened to money donated by the community, and other questions? Calderdale Council is investigating an underground culvert discovered on the site. More Mon, October 30, 2006

Light shines on work of local photographer, Rebecca Dearden

exhibition info - 15 Oct

CROW NEST PLANS THROWN OUT - "intrusive and discordant, unacceptably overbearing " - more info and discussion - 14 Oct

Calderdale Planning Committee vote to demolish historic building for 3 more houses - more info - 12 Oct

Tin Tabernacles

"Save Emergency Services in Calderdale" says the banner. Protesters in George's Square told the Hebden Bridge Web that there was a serious possibility of some or all accident and emergency services being moved to Huddersfield. - 28 Sept

Alice Redmond inquest - 28 Sept

Hebden Bridge Walkers Action - startup grant awarded to new walkers' group by Hebden Royd Town Council
- more info 19th September

Rare Hummingbird Hawkmoth seen feeding on Market Street hanging baskets - see Wildlife feature - 18 Sept

FEMALE FRIENDLY TOWN - report awards Hebden Bridge tenth place in the list of femaile friendly towns and a Green Town winner
- more info - 6 Sept

VICTORIA ROAD - plans for large redevelopment resubmitted - see Planning Watch - 4 Sept

The band played on - in the beer tent
- in spite of torrential rain all day - "the wettest, the windiest, the wildest day of the summer"
Blackshawhead Fete - updated 5 Sept

Wireless Internet now available in ten local cafes and bars, thanks to 3-C, Calder Valley's broadband coop - more info

Downing Street recognition for White Ribbon Campaign and HB lecturer's work against domestic abuse - more info - 24th Sept

Blackshawhead children open Heaven's Kitchen for Children in Need - more - 21 Nov


CHAINSAW TUESDAY - the battle 2 years ago as residents try to defend the Mill Pond

Remembrance Sunday - 12 November

Maps page - interactive map added

Festival - have your say, and details of open meeting - 7 Nov

Hebden Bridge Band achieve best result for 50 years - more info - 7 Nov

Clamping in Mytholmroyd - meeting info

"I don't know what happened to my daughter" - Guardian, 12 years after the murder of Lindsay Rimer - see also Hebweb feature

Strong feelings were expressed in the Hebweb Forum about no lights near the station. "Yippee" writes Jess, now they are back 2 Nov

Leeds University researcher wants info about women's groups meeting in Hebden Bridge during the 1960-80s - see small ads 1 Nov

Fairfield bus service resumes - more info
30 Oct

Autumn clean-up: local residents clean up Steep Fields and Mill Pond, and restore chainsawed footpath - more - 29 Oct, 2006

UNICEF Middle Eastern CHILDREN'S APPEAL event - added 28 Oct, 2006

Rev Tony Buglass's Open House
"This is a time of year for remembering the dead and moving on. The Celts remembered their dead at Samhain, and November is the time to remember those who've been destroyed in war. It's a time for healing" - More

Portraits of the Blind - Unseen Portraits seen and heard for the first time - Festival Shop

Discussion Forum - read comments on the future of Hope Baptist Church, Calder High discipline, clamping, eco homes in Colden, stones and sundial in the square, the old Fire Station, and more.

Local artists snapped up by paintings charity - More info - 15 Oct

Pipes on the TIC building, standing stones and sun dial in the square - read the comments in the Hebweb discussion forum

Small ads includes office space required, HB house to rent, joinery and building work offered, kitchen units, picnic table and holiday breaks in the lakes.

House Mentor:
Louise Harrison pioneers a new kind of business, particularly suitable for Hebden Bridge
more info

Heptonstall Festival

The sun finally shone, for the Heptonstall Festival and the Heptonstall Players
More photos - 3 Sept


BUSES on Bridge Gate?
Consultation. Have your say. - 30 Aug

Rob Armstrong, musician and socialist
See lives remembered - 4 Aug

New lights are installed along Bridge Gate
4 Aug

Lost sheep

Lost sheep rambles down from Widdop to Birchcliffe. Tricia Wells is interested in what breed it is? See new wildlife feature - 31 July

Market Street flood


Sunday 2nd July , 9pm

One of the most violent storms Hebden Bridge has seen in many years left Market Street flooded, the road to Todmorden blocked, power cuts, loss of TV reception and debris scattered throughout the area.
Photos and news - updated Wednesday (5th) from fresh images still being sent across to the Hebweb. Canal closed for repair near Charlestown

Wainsgate Open Day Saturday, 24 June. Handed over to the Historic Chapels Trust, Wainsgate may be restored for use by the community.


Pedestrianisation of town centre
Thursday, August 24, 2006

ATC promotes Allotment Week
in HB - more info

Below: Millpond owners try to kill all plants and wildlife on the Mill Pond - more info
Update: Green Tops to appeal against refusal of planning - 6 Aug

The Fustian Weavers' Strike started in July 1906, 100 years ago - demonstrations around Foster Lane and Victoria Road, Mrs Pankhurst visiting Hebden to give her support, alternative coop set up. See Hebweb history

Mytholmroyd Gala

Mytholmroyd Gala - 8 July
more photos

Pennine Climate Action group - more info


Hebden Bridge Carnival 2006
Hebden Bridge History Group - see dozens of photos of old Hebden Bridge
Hebweb Online Columns



  • BERRINGDEN BROW: Memoirs of Single Mother with a Crush- a novel by local author Jill Robinson published as a book by Pennine Pens. Read online samples

  • Sylvia Plath Forum - hundreds of thousands of words discussing this US poet, buried in Heptonstall.

  • Poems from Glyn Hughes
    - see features

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