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Planning Watch

This section of the Hebden Bridge Web is to try and help keep people up to date with proposed developments our area. If you know of a planning proposal which you think we should consider including please e-mail HebWeb.

Houses behind The Woodlands, Palace House Road

The application is live again. The application number is:  21/00642/FUL.

Comments can be submitted up to 21 days from today (Friday 26th January).

Osborne Street: Sunday, 30 April 2023

From lots of happy local residents

The council has refused planning permission for a new Dwelling at the top of Osborne Street.

The reasons given are:

  • The proposed development would fail to enhance or preserve the character and appearance of the Hebden Bridge Conservation Area in which the site is located due to the design and terracing together with the topography of the land making it appear prominent in the street scene.
  • The building would be incongruous with existing buildings in the vicinity because of its design, addition of large terraced areas and the topography of the land making it obtrusive in the street scene.
  • The proposed development would harm the amenities of the occupiers of adjacent dwellings because of the close proximity resulting in loss of light to main and secondary aspect windows particularly to number 4 Marlborough Road. Furthermore, the proposal would result in the development being overlooked and overlooking properties at close proximity.
  • In addition, future approval of any building on the site would require full details of the drainage systems and a land stability report to be approved before any development commenced.

Osborne Street: Sunday, 19 March 2023

from another local resident

There have been 41 objections made to the plans: 38 comments and 3 documents (those containing graphics or pictures).  Of the 41 objections, 38 live within 5 minutes walk of the plot. 

There are 12 comments in favour, all submitted over one weekend.  Of these, 2 live within 5 minutes walk of the plot.  Those are the developers themselves and a close relative who lives in the same building.

Apart from the developers, the hillside has voted unanimously: a tremendous number of objections containing serious arguments against the development.

However, we will probably have to do the same again, as the developers are unlikely to abandon their plans, or to come to an amicable arrangement with their neighbours.

Osborne Street Update: Saturday, 18 March 2023

from a local resident

We've had the letter through the door from the council saying that there have been amendments to the plans (22/01227/FUL) for the large detached house on the green space at the top of Osborne St, and that any further comments should be made by 28/03/2023. Upon inspection

The developer claims that the garage has been removed, presumably due to the Highways Agency recommending refusal on the grounds that there was insufficient space for it and it was incorrectly designed. Though, this is somewhat in deference to the developer's initial claim that the garage was necessary due to the already over stretched on-street parking. However, the Highways Agency has again recommended refusal because the developer, "Has merely removed the image of a parked car in the basement. The space remains suitable for parking such a vehicle with the ramp maintained."

Further amendments appear to be an attempt to mitigate the Principal Conservation Officer's comment that, " the development appears excessive ... uneasy and jarring." Hence, the large wall around to Marlborough Road has been lowered slightly at the very top. The roof pitch there has had the pitch lowered slightly, "so that a green roof can be installed." (and subsequently removed?). The wall in front of the left hand first-floor patio has been removed, and railings put in. Presumably to reduce the severity of that part of the wall, though it will also reduce the privacy of the dwellings on that side of the proposal.

No further comment has been made about the danger in blocking the corner between Marlboriough Road and Osborne St, the lack of geo-phys survey (see the sink hole on Balmoral St), nor the privacy and daylighting concerns of the residents living within eyesight of the proposal.

Osborne Street:

Update: Sunday, 5 February 2023

Hebden Royd Town Council resolved: to recommend refusal on the following grounds:

  • Highways Safety Issues, with the proposal high wall, loss of adequate lines of site and the steepness of existing roads contributing to this.
  • The loss of privacy and intrusion as a result of the proposed balconies, roof gardens and patios.
  • The proposal was inconsistent with the local conservation area document in terms of design.
  • The instability of the site, the lack of an appropriate survey to identify issues.

Jan 2023

The application is now live and can be searched on Calderdale Council's Planning page with the ref: 22/01227/FUL

The deadline for comments is Jan 19th 2023.

With regards the application, local residents feel that there are objections to be made by the wider community for a number of reasons.

  • It will require the felling of three mature trees and the loss of a de facto local green space
  • The property is a substantially walled, detached dwelling with multiple first and second floor terraces and a rooftop balcony. This is not in keeping with the local character
  • In such a built up part of Hebden Bridge, the loss of open space equates to the loss of local amenity.
  • The Marlborough Road / Osborne St corner is notoriously difficult to drive around and this dwelling will remove the site line and create what will essentially be a blind corner - especially a concern given it's proximity to the Primary School. Additionally, though this dwelling has a one space garage, a dwelling of this size could easily have more than one car owning resident within it - this will therefore reduce the available on-street parking and potentially be hazardous to parents dropping off school children at Stubbings School T
  • he planned dwelling will be to the detriment of several keys views both into and out of the Birchcliffe area: it will block the view of Hebden Bridge as one descends Marlborough Road, and such a large a prominent new build would ruin the character of a key view of Birchcliffe from the town and its surrounds.

Osborne Street:

Local residents have told the HeWeb that "Land was bought by the developers of the chapel for 17.5k from a Housing Association last year, to be a garden. They have now changed their mind and want to put a large detached house with multiple terraces etc. on there. "

A planning application is pending - details to follow.

3 November 2022

Mytholm Works - Residential development of 38 dwellings.

Search 22/01020/FUL on this Calderdale web page.

Hebden Royd Town Counciol, at their meeting on 12 October 2022 recommended refusal on grounds that the development was in a flood plain and not floodproof, that there was insufficient affordable housing and others reasons. See the meeting minutes for more info.

3 November 2022

Proposed demolition of a former weaving shed and provision of a new carpark

Calder Mill, Stubbing Holme Road, Hebden Bridge

Search 21/01181/FUL on this Calderdale web page.

Removal of existing slated north light roof and internal columns to create open area within existing mill. Sections of stone mill wall are to be removed to create a new access and egress point off Stubbing Holme Road and to create an extended car parking area to Robertshaw Road. The existing two storey office element of the mill is to be retained, as is the chimney and two sections of perimeter / boundary wall to the mill. The open mill area will be used as a public car park with car parking for visitors to Hebden Bridge Town Centre and the wider Hebden Bridge area.

4 April 2022

The rear of 1 to 11 The Woodlands, Palace House Road - two large detached houses

Another planning application has been submitted for two large detached houses on the land at the rear of 1 to 11 The Woodlands Palace House Road.

It is a very similar to plans submitted in 2013 that were rejected on appeal by the planning inspectorate in 2014 on the "grounds of it would likely increase harmful localised flooding by surface water run off"

Residents of The Woodlands, The Spinney  and along Palace House Road are concerned  about surface water flooding as amounts of rainfall are likely to  have increased. 

Search and comment on planning applications

Application Number: 21/00642/FUL

Comments and objections need to be in received by 18.08.2021

Proposed Certified Camp Site No.103/051 at Cross Hills Heptonstall.

Proposed Certified Camp Site No.103/051 at Cross Hills Heptonstall.

The Caravan and Camping Club (Tel: 024 7647 5448) have recently received (27/5/2021), an application to set up a campsite on land near Crown Point Heptonstall. The HebWeb has been contacted by residents who are concerned that this proposal would increase traffic, ie, (campers and their refuse collection) there would be a need to build/supply a Chemical Disposal Point for campers to empty their chemical toilets, and a drinking water point.

Crosshills is close to Heptonstall School at the top of Smithwell Lane a cobbled road wide enough for one vehicle mostly, which children and patents walk to and from the school. Certified Campsites can be precursors to applications for full outline planning applications etc. Thank you.

Added Tuesday, 8 June 2021

Application to demolish old Wireform building,
Stubbing Holme Road/Victoria Road/ Rochdale Canal towpath

The proposal seeks to demolish a single storey stone mill building along with a two storey building which is directly adjacent Robertshaw Road which forms the principal access into the site. The existing chimney will remain along with an existing two storey building which is in separate ownership. The application seeks to demolish the buildings under the demolition prior approval process.

The application was submitted on 16th April and refused on 17th May.

Application Number 21/80002/DNO

Search and comment on planning applications

Added Monday, 24 May 2021

Application to turn part of Linden Mill into 18 flats

Lorraine writes to the HebWeb, "a loss of a cultural centre and the proposed installment of 18 flats with no provision for parking into a high density residential area."

Application Number 20/01224/FUL

Search and comment on planning applications

Added Wednesday, 16 December 2020

Creation of new car park adjacent to Hebden Vale Centre, Bridge Lanes, Hebden Bridge

See the plans and documents and make a comment

See HebWeb Forum thread

Added: Tuesday, 27 October 2020

Two houses at the top of the cuckoo steps

Lee Royd, Heptonstall Road

Comments have been extended to 6 October 2020

See the plans and make a comment

Three houses on Heptonstall Road

Outline planning application to build three houses on Heptonstall Road on the site of the former Raglan Terrace, which is in the conservation area.

The reference is 19/00416/OUT and the site lies on Heptonstall Road opposite Lee Royd Terrace.

Here is the link

Added Sunday, 2 June 2019

Land off Stubbing Holme Road

Planning Application for Three Detached Houses on Land off Stubbing Holme Road


This is a full application to build three large, detached houses (not the 'affordable' sort) on land at the end of Stubbing Holme Road.  Local residents are concerned about the impact of increased traffic on a road used regularly by pedestrians, plus the increased risk of flooding in an area where both the river and canal have flooded severely.  In addition, this land is a green space greatly appreciated in an area where most houses have no gardens.

The planning application documents were uploaded to Calderdale Council's website in February 2018, but additional documents have since been uploaded.  You can comment on this planning application via Calderdale Council's website (www.calderdale.gov.uk/planning) or in writing to Regeneration and Strategy, Planning Services, c/o The Town Hall, Crossley Street, Halifax, HX1 1UJ.  

Remember to quote planning application number 18/00185/FUL

Added Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Land Off Townfield Lane

The Planning Inspectorate APP/A4710/W/18/3198508. The Inspector will carry out a site visit at the Land Off Townfield Lane Caycroft Nook Heptonstall Conservation Area HX77NH, at 11:00am on July 24 2018.

K Savage BA (Hons) MPlan MRTPI has been appointed as the Inspector for this appeal.

Signal Box planning application

Planning Application for Hebden Bridge Signal Box 


Alterations to signal box to include fitting of safety grilles over windows and doors and removal of modern staircase to first floor (Listed Building Consent). The Signal Box Station Road Hebden Bridge Calderdale HX7 6JE

The Friends of Hebden Bridge Station are concerned that these plans, especially the removal of the staircase and type of door grille, may cause difficulties and expense for any group wishing to secure a heritage future for the signal box.

Added: Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Land off Townfield Lane, Heptonstall

including 7 parking places.

Previously a poultry farm

Application Number 17/01457/FUL

The HebWeb is informed that plans for the proposed site have been previously refused by Calderdale Councill and The Planning Inspectorite because of "dangerous access and it's in a conservation area.

Added: Thursday, 28 December 2017

Parking charge changes

No more free parking outside the Doctors'. There are also plans to introduce on street parking charges for the currently free parking places on; Albert Street, Crown Street, Cheetham Street, Carlton Street and Keighley Road.

See this PDF for details of these and other changes to how we are charged for parking.

More details can also be found on the Calderdale website here

Added Thursday, 8 June 2017

New Co-op store, Mytholmroyd

Live planning application for new Co-op store on Burnley Road in Mytholmroyd.The date for receipt of representations has been extended to 23 June 2017.

Ref: 17/00449/FUL 

Demolition of existing retail buildings, temporary kiosk and redevelopment of the existing site to create a new single storey retail foodstoreand associated petrol filling station forecourt with car parking.

More info on the Calderdale Planning website - enter 17/00449/FUL

Hebden Bridge Station

Planning application 17/00598/LBC 

Waiting room refurbishments (redecoration, new flooring, associated signage & lighting), replacement of existing ticket vending machine on platform 2 and installation of new ticket vending machines on platform 1. Station wide wi-fi connect. (Listed Building Consent)

More info on the Calderdale Planning website - enter 17/00598/LBC

Added Thursday, 8 June 2017

If you know of a planning proposal which you think we should consider including please let us know