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Since 1995 the HebWeb has topped searches for "Hebden Bridge"

Advertising options

SMALL ADS - from just £10 a month, or £25 for 3 months - more info. Hundreds of Small Ads are posted every year - houses to rent or sell, rooms wanted, cars, jobs, items for sale, various services and much more.

"Choosing to advertise the house for rent on the Hebweb was incredibly effective. The perfect tenants were found within 48 hours" - Jason

NEWS FEATURE with a couple of photos and link(s). See example. Initially, this would be flagged at the top of the home page, with photo if appropriate, the same as all news items. The item would normally remain on the Hebden Bridge Web (and searchable) as do all other news items. Email us

HOME PAGE SLOT: top left. Local estate agents, Ryburnes advertised in this spot for over 20 years. They recently stopped when the nature of their business changed and were estate agents no more. Email us

WHERE TO STAY - One of our most popular sections. Local hotels, bed and breakfast, Airbnb and self-catering options. See our Accommodation page. £35 a year.

"The listing brought me many wonderful guests over the years."

WHAT'S ON and events section. Most listings are free, but where organisers make more than a nominal charge, then the HebWeb will make a small charge as well.

RIGHT SIDE MENU IN PARTICULAR SECTION - from £25 per month. See Where to Stay for examples.

GOOGLE ADS - most of our pages have Google ads. (See right hand column on most pages)

Inclusion in both web directories - one alphabetical and one by category.

  • Basic: £20 pa;
  • With listing, ie brief description, £25 pa
  • Enhanced listing: £35 pa.
  • Enhanced listing with logo - £50 a year.
  • Do it now online

SEARCH: All references to you on the site would feature in our site specific search engine. As this uses one of Google's facilities, it also means you are automatically added to Google.


For other options, please email us

More messages to the HebWeb

"Hebweb worked really well for me - so much interest."

"Thanks for your continued efforts in producing the HebWeb site. Certainly. we regard it as a cornerstone of the Hebden Bridge community communications. HebWeb is our "go to resource" that allows us to stay up to speed with all things Hebden Bridge."

"The wealth of information on this site is amazing. Thank  you again."

". . . after months of procrastinating, we've cancelled the Hebden Bridge Times (no journalists left!) and going to rely on Hebweb - much more professional and useful!" 23 Feb 2022

And this reply received 25 Feb: "Cannot agree more with the comment about HB Times. No longer a local paper, ruined by the present publishers. HebWeb is so much better"

Small ad: we've successfully rented our house through your website. We're still getting loads of enquiries. Thanks for an excellent service - I'll heartily recommend Hebweb, as our house was previously listed through an estate agent who didn't manage to get us a tenant in 3 months- through Hebweb we had 4 prospective tenants within a week.

Small ad: I have had a great response to this advert with good quality responses and several after viewing wanting to rent. Sadly we have had to disappoint all but one of them. Through friends we thought we would get an ok response, but it was epic.

Former Town Councillor: I check into Hebweb every day still from France!

Trades Club spokesman: Thanks to the coverage on Hebweb we sold over 100 tickets on day one

What they've said

I just wanted to let you know that I've had a lot of responses! Thank you so much

Thank you so much, that is excellent. Paul asked if we had a local paper so I told him it wasn't worth the paper it's printed on, Hebweb is the best place! You have just proved that is right.

We placed an ad for a 3-bedroom home to rent in Mytholmroyd. We had an over whelming response . . . And thanks for maintaining this important service to the Hebden Bridge community -

The Ad was successful and I now have tenants. 

I have now found a lovely place to live after being contacted through the ad. Thank-you! 

Thanks Hebweb, found a lovely match for the house yet again!

Our sofa has sold. Thanks HebWeb

"Thank you for another success"

"I have had so many responses and only have one house."

"Thank God someone running a business like yours. Response is always very good"

"We were successful with finding a tenant within 24 hours.".

"Thank you for another successful ad. We now have found a lovely woman to rent our house and look after our cat for a month or so .. brilliant."

"Finding your website was a bonus in itself, because I think Hebden Bridge is a wonderful and interesting place and your website is wonderful too."

"Thanks for your continued brilliance in maintaining the Hebweb for all these years. It's still a brilliant site, that everyone still knows to go to - quite an achievement to keep it relevant, updated and front of mind in this omnipresent, social society!"

Just to say I love logging onto your site. It is a brilliant microcosm of a community from all angles & very easy to access.

From Steve Farrell, now living in Mysore, India: "As someone who lives abroad, the Hebweb site has always been critical for keeping in touch 'back home' in Hebden. I've just needed to re-advertise my home for rent, so where to turn to? The Hebweb, of course. The Ad was up within minutes and there were 10 enquiries within 24 hours. Superb!"

What's on - You have such an efficient and well read website!

Where to stay: So grateful to you at Hebweb for getting my brand new business off the ground. All my guests have come via you. You are amazing.

Would just like to say what an incredible site this is. I moved to Hebden a couple of months ago from Southern Ireland and am amazed at the rich diversity of this wonderful community and this spectacular website.

Former Northern correspondent of the Guardian, Martin Wainwright wrote " . . . the community website, the Hebweb, which is one of the best of its kind in the country. No, world."

Small Ad: The ad was very effective and I had a new tenant within 24 hrs!

Small Ad: "Ad posted Monday, lease to be signed Saturday and tenant moving in Sunday. Thanks HebWeb."

Small Ad: Great response as always, lots of interest. Sorry to all the people who wanted it but it has now gone.

What a great job you are doing running the Hebweb for the community. I'm a retired journalist, based now in York, and a life member of the NUJ. Congratulations on such excellent coverage and a first class service to the local population. Derek

David: I'm a postgraduate student in London studying for a PG certificate in web design and development. HebWeb is one of - if not the - most successful community website I have come across. It is vibrant, informative, easily navigable and reflects and presents a positive persona of Hebden Bridge.

Small Ad for house to rent: Thanks so much for your service. Found a fantastic tenant in a very short time. Lots of interest.

Accommodation listing: Rob and I would like to thank you for your excellent service your website has been a great help to us.

Small ad: Unbelievable result Hebweb, so many enquiries in response to this advert on your site and now have lovely new tenants. What a success - Thank you Hebweb.

Small ad: As ever with your excellent small ads service, I got loads of potential tenants ringing me straight away about my house. Have now got a new tenant installed.

I placed the following two small ads this week. It would be a great help if you could take them down asap as the house has now been rented and we’re getting lots of enquiries!!! HebWeb really works!

Wally: This feels like an appropriate time to say thank you for providing such a fantastic resource for all of us, and to wish you the best.