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Steph Booth at the Tribunal

From Ron Taylor

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

I am puzzled. In the report on the employment tribunal involving Steph Booth you say that she has been teaching even though she does not have a formal teaching qualification.

I hold a post-graduate certificate in education (PGCE) for teaching in further education. Recently I enquired about working in schools and was told I would not be able to do so. I would need to have a qualification allowing me to teach in the schools sector and be registered with the General Teaching Council, otherwise nothing doing.

So, how does Steph Booth manage it ?

From Stitch C

Thursday, 21 January 2010

On the same note as Ron Taylor, after reading today’s Courier I am disgusted to read how Mr Sutcliffe was coerced into writing about Ms Oosthuysen. How is she still a PPC when she has attempted to publicly discredit and humiliate a fellow Labour party member? Shouldn’t the NEC finally do something about this farce? First alleged vote rigging and then this… surely the world can’t be wrong and one person is right?