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From K. Osborne

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

On the way back from walking our dogs (last Sat) my partner saw a young Jack Russle in distress with no owner in sight. The young dog had a coller and lead on was obtained after a bit of a dash around the field. My partner (after walking around for a further 20 min looking for the owner) brought the pup back to our house where I then took him over to the police station. Here’s what followed.

Hebden police station are no longer able to take in stray dogs and gave me the number of the dog warden of Halifax. Called the dog warden who told me they also have no facilities to come and keep the dog.

Called the vets who said they are unable to keep the dog as their spaces are for sick animals only (which is logical really!)

I called the police back again and they once again referred me to the dog warden of Halifax and said it was their responsibility as the council now have the contract for strays. Called the warden again and he told me to let the dog go again! To which I was horrified!

Eventually (I have never had to deal with anthing like this before) we found out that Halifax Police station do take in stray dogs and fortunatley we were able to get the little pup over to them.

As a dog owner myself I found the whole ordeal very distrubing, not only that no one was looking for this pup but also the complete lack of support from people who clearly could not be bothered to do their job. To tell someone to let a dog go again in a busy area is awful. God knows what would have happend if someone was to actually take this pathetic advice.

From From Andy M

Thursday, 4 February 2010

I’m glad the stray was rescued but it’s a reminder that there are just too many dogs about - speaking as a rescued-dog owner.

Time for a re-introduction of licensing?

PS Just to add: will all the owners who don’t pick up after their dogs on pavements and paths in Heptonstall - and everywhere really - Please do so. It’s anti-social, lazy and illegal.

From B Hans

Sunday, 7 February 2010

I found a stray dog on the A646 near Upperfoot Farm Shop last night. She was in real danger of being run over, or causing an accident by drivers trying to avoid her, so I took her home and looked after her overnight.

I found the RSPCA website quite useful, it explains current legislation about who has responsibility for dealing with stray dogs and who to contact if you find one.

During office hours the council can be contacted on 0845 245 6000. The out of hours number is 01422 365101.

Thankfully the service worked exactly as it should have and the 18 year old runaway terrier was reunited with her worried owners (visiting the area on holiday) - who had been given the slip after builders at the house they were staying at left a door open. They phoned the same number as us, and within 20 minutes of our call there were smiles of relief and tail-wags of joy at the reunion.

It seems that having a single point of contact for people who’ve lost or found dogs is the best way of reuniting owners and pets, rather than having multiple channels and poor communication between different organizations. Well done and thank you Calderdale Council.