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When is a teacher not a teacher?

From Chris Bragg

Thursday, 25 March 2010

I am puzzled by the claims of Mrs Booth to have experience as a supply teacher whilst having no formal qualifications.

The Halifax Courier reported (20th January 2010) "Mrs Booth of Todmorden, told a Manchester hearing she had no formal teaching qualifications but had experience as a supply teacher".

Following an incident at a Manchester school where Mrs Booth was employed the Mail on Sunday (26th December 2009) stated Mrs Booth "stopped working as a supply teacher at that school". In order to work as a supply teacher a person must have a recognised teaching qualification, a current CRB check and be registered with the General Teaching Council.

How did Mrs Booth gain employment as a supply teacher? Have the supply agencies or the Local Authorities that employed her failed to make the proper checks? What information did Mrs Booth provide these employers?

I would be very interested to hear from the prospective candidate where she "had experience as a supply teacher" and what credentials she offered to support her employment.

Chris Bragg

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