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General Election 2010

From Julian Elphick

Monday, 26 April 2010

Although living in France I am registered to vote in the forthcoming general election as a former resident of Brighouse. I have not received any literature from any of the local parties so I’ve been trying to do my own research online and read your thread with interest.

I have consistently voted Labour for the last few elections but I’ve become increasingly unimpressed by their record in office over such issues as constitutional reform. It seems to me that there is a political class in all of the main parties who see themselves as career politicians whose standard of living depends on their achieving and retaining political office. The present spat over the local Labour Party appointee adds weight to this argument. Can anyone tell me why I should vote for her?

From Rev Tony Buglass

Monday, 26 April 2010

I’m waiting with bated breath for Jason’s video interview with Steph Booth, to see if it tells us anything about what she sees as her particular contribution to the issues. Apart from the Big Green Debate last year, when she was unwell and not at her best, I have read and heard very little from her. So I’m in a similar position to you, Julian, in pondering why I should vote for her.

As far as I can tell from the paucity of information, the only reason to vote for Steph is that she is the official Labour candidate. Yes, she was parachuted in over the heads of locally-preferred nominees, and that has caused a great deal of resentment. It would take a very special person to overcome that resentment, and I’m still waiting for evidence that Steph has what it takes - sadly, I suspect that the national Labour Party has thrown this one away, because a lot of people will simply not vote for Steph. All the pundits have noted that this constituency always follows the winning party, which either suggests that Craig Whittaker and David Cameron can put the bubbly on ice, or that we will have a swing to the other parties and an interesting time ahead.

In my business, belief in the possibility of miracles comes with the territory. Whether one will happen here in the next the days is another question…

From Ron Taylor

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Julian Elphick, referring to the Labour candidate Steph Boooth, asks "Can anyone tell me why I should vote for her?" No.