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UK Election, Palestine and Israel

From Ron Taylor in Palestine

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Here in Palestine there has been little interest in the UK election. Those people who have shown any interest at all know that whoever wins there will be yet another British government which blindly supports Israel, notwithstanding the odd rap over the knuckles when its secret services become involved in identity theft.

They know, too, that the British electorate will never be told about Israel’s continuing and deepening oppression of the Palestinian people, its never ending theft of land and its efforts to drag the West into yet another disastrous ‘war for Israel’ with an attack on Iran.

They know that British politicians’ major concern is Israel’s ‘security’ and will not tell us how damaging ‘our’ support for the criminal activities of this apartheid state is in the eyes of the Arab world, how it puts us all in danger.

Some even know that both David Cameron and Gordon Brown are patrons of the Jewish National Fund, an outfit which continues to confiscate Palestinian land, and that the major UK parties receive huge amounts of cash from supporters of Israel’s ethnic cleansing of Palestine.

On the other side of the apartheid wall, in Israel, however, interest was intense. Normally supremely confident that a general election in the UK will produce another zionist supporting western government, this time there was a degree of panic. Nick Clegg was the cause.

Clegg’s rise in the polls was greeted with alarm. The possibility that someone who dared to criticise Israel’s massacre in Gaza in 2008/9 could become part of a UK government was horrifying. He might even be Foreign Secretary, heaven forbid!

Their fears are no doubt groundless. I am sure the zionist lobby/ propaganda machine will be working overtime right now to ensure Clegg is neutralised.

Meanwhile the ethnic cleansing goes on.