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Blackshaw (Head) and Charlestown

From Colin D

Monday, 10 May 2010

After receiving a flyer informing me of the upcoming annual Blackshaw Parish Council Meeting I took the opportunity to review the 2010 Parish Plan. Can I congratulate all involved on a well produced and professional document?

One thing struck me though. There are two distinct areas in Blackshaw. These are Blackshaw Head and the rest of the "tops" (where 54% of the population live), and Charlestown (where 46% of us dwell in the depths of the valley).

There are roughly thirty lovely and glossy photos in the Plan, 23 of which are Blackshaw Head etc, with only one being Charlestown. Most of the rest were Jumble Hole, Colden Water etc, which lie in between. Also there were a couple I couldn’t identify.

Then I logged on the the Parish Council’s smart new website, and was greeted with the banner, “Welcome to Blackshaw Head”!

I know us Charlestonites may be viewed as pale, shadow dwelling creatures unlike ruddy faced and hearty folk on the hills, but please don’t exclude us. Who knows, there may even be the odd corner down here that’s worth photographing for next time, or a resident that wouldn’t crack a camera lens.

From Lars Hansen, Clerk to Blackshaw Parish Council

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Thank you for your kind comments about the Blackshaw 2010 Parish Plan. This was a genuine community effort with a multitude of contributrs. Photos were repeatedly requested and many were contributed. Most contributers were from the Tops around Blackshaw Head but there were several contributors from Charlestown.

I submitted every photo of the Parish to the printers and unfortunately because of quality issues they were only able to use a few from Charlestown. To make amends one was included on the cover and the other had a full page spread. We had similar difficulties involving residents in Charlestown in the development process.

Two meetings in Charlestown were advertised by a mailshot to every household. Three people attended one meeting at Stubbings Wharf and one came to the consultation tent at Sandbeds. Many more came to the Blackshaw Fete and got involved and contributed. With regard to the website please accept my apologies I will speak to the designers and have it amended to say welcome to "Blackshaw".

To try to encourage more involvement from Charlestown next Mondays, 24 May, Annual Parish Meeting has as usual been advertised by a mailshot to every household in the Parish, and for the first time is being held at the mutually convenient Hebden Bridge Town Hall. Hopefully more residents from Charlestown will feel able to attend. There are also Parish Council elections next year and it would be wonderful if someone from Charlestown stood for election.

From Colin D

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Thanks for your response Lars.

I’ll certainly try and come along on Monday. It will certainly be easier to get to HB Town Hall than up to the chapel.