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No Camping Signs at Hebble Hole

From Tim M

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Has anyone been up to Hebble Hole recently? Over the past week “No Camping” signs have been daubed over some of the rocks there (by the landowners?). It rather takes the edge of one of the area’s loveliest spots. Any ideas of how whoever has done this might be prevailed upon to reverse their work? Perhaps the council might be able to intercede? If camping is such a problem up there (is it?) maybe some more sensitive signs would be just as effective?

From Phil H

Friday, 25 June 2010

The signs are pretty ugly, I agree (although they have been there before), but I presume were painted by the same poor souls who have been faced with clearing up after a recent spate of parties up at Hebble Hole. 50 odd revellers apparently two weekends back, and at least 7 tents I counted midweek a few days later. Many of the nearby residents to Hebble are elderly and one in his late 80s couldn’t get out the following morning to a hospital appointment because the bridleway (which also serves as access to several homes) was blocked by cars. There is, incidentally, very cheap camping nearby (£3 a night I think) at the excellent New Delight, which also sells the best beer in Calderdale.

The fantastic weather has seen more people down at Hebble Hole this year than I’ve ever known, which is great — it’s a very beautiful spot which is rightly popular with young families, walkers and picnickers, and great for paddling in summer. Personally I’d say it’s the increasing number of firepits, shards of broken glass, bottle tops and branches ripped off trees that have taken the edge of the place in recent weeks — and that, I presume, is the reason why the signs have gone up.

From Jim S

Friday, 25 June 2010

I was up there last Saturday evening for a bit of a BBQ tea with my children. It was lovely but the signs are bloody awful! I took a photo if anyone is interested.