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Mystery of the Disappearing Planning Notices?

From Nicola Jones

Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Once again, it seems coincidental that the Planning Notices which were displayed on site at Mayroyd have disappeared the final days before comment can be submitted? This was remarked on in relation to Walkleys. On this occasion at least some properties close by received formal notification from Calderdale, even if the date of that letter was 3 June and not received till 11 June (as per the displayed notices).

This is a huge development on a small piece of land — which it is in some doubt as to who even owns it. Apparently under possessory title since 2002 but owners were recently sought via an advert in Hebden Times and now it is up for sale (pre-outline planning being granted). White elephant and tenous ownership at best.

14 two bedroom and 13 three bedroom dwellings. Application no: 09/01526/OUT

In addition, it was intended to be a concurrent application with Walkleys, but it isn’t. Thi means they could could just abandon one, and get around the affordability regulations (which is the reasoning for the application).

This is on the National Cycle Network, part of the Wildlife Corridor and above all a regularly-used peaceful and tranquil route through to Mytholmroyd. The key issue is surely where on earth the traffic that goes with housing for 67 people, along a part-private, road will go?

Please express your views to Calderdale using the online form by Friday.

Please note this is my personal view, as a neighbour to the proposed development, and not necessarily the views of my fellow Civic Trust Committee group (we have not had an opportunity to meet to discuss the application due to the timings of the related publication of the app.)