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Gibson Mill

From Leonard Warne

Monday, 2 August 2010

My family used to work at Gibson Mill immediately after the war.

And in 1946 my Uncle Walter who was a cabinet maker repaired the roller skating rink in 1946. At that time, the mill was run as a cafe by the Bushell family. Also on the green was an annex which during peak periods was used to supply walker with pots of tea. Adjacent to the annex was a set of 4 wooden swings which were in use until 1949 when they fell into disrepair and were demolished.

My brother and I ran a little shop at the end of the cottages in the yard selling Mineral waters sweets and crisps. Our payment was the 1d back on bottles that we collected after the public had gone home.

I learnt to swim in the top dam, as did my brother and I remember the water was cold and the path very rocky

The cottages in the yard and those farther up the road were let off as holiday lets.

The cottages in the woods had no running water, the water used was collected from a natural spring at the end of the cottages.

I hope this info is of use. Please contact me further if you want further information

I spent many summers in the crags from 8 years old until 13.

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