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Calderdale Planning Website

From John Knapp

Friday, 1 October 2010

If anyone looks for new planning applications on the Calderdale Council website, do not believe the results you receive.

If you use the link "applications validated in the last 7 days" the 2 or 3 results that appear are there to fool you into thinking that is all there is. You must use the form and put in start and end dates to see what is actually going on.

This '7 days' link has not worked for over 6 months and although the website people know it doesn't work, they do not seem interested in either sorting it out or removing the option, until fixed.

I had used this link for years with no problems and then recently missed the deadline on many planning applications, until I realised it was fooling me.

Do not be fooled; you have been warned!

From Martin F

Saturday, 2 October 2010

For a couple of applications I tried to register my opinion via the website link. The first time it didn't work I phoned Calderdale and spent quite a while trying to find someone who actually understood what I was talking about. I was told the problem would be fixed.

No prizes for guessing what progress had been made the next time that I tried to send in my objection - Yes, None!

From John Knapp

Saturday, 9 October 2010

The longstanding problem with the planning website is now fixed. In fact it is much better than formerly and gives easier access to previous planning applications.

A deserved 'Well Done' the Council website people!

Just one thing for the public to bear in mind; if you send in an objection you will not be notified of the planning decision. Sending decision notices stopped a year ago to save money. It is up to you to find out, presumably by going on line. I am not sure what happens if an application goes to appeal. I cannot see how the public would know this, if letters are no longer sent out.

From Susan Press

Friday, 15 October 2010

I will be opposing AV at the debate. Do we really want endless Coalitions destroying what Labour has achieved? And devoid of principle. No