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From Ann Holmes

Monday, 18 October 2010

Is anyone else struggling with the noise generated by the Trades Club when gigs go on beyond 11 into the early hours (01:30 on 15/10/10). I live in Fairfield and the sound seems to radiate up towards us readily. I'm all for a good night out, but when gigs are happening several times/ week and they encroach into the small hours, enjoyment for some is a total misery for others.

The 24 hour council hotline if you wish to complain is: 0845 1111137; Halifax environmental health is 01422 392373

Perhaps sound insulation of the building concerned would enable partygoers to continue their activities without ruining the sleep of others.

From Rev Tony Buglass

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Ann, have you asked the Trades about it? They want to be good neighbours. I reckon it's always better to try talking to people before going public with a disagreement.

From Janet Oosthuysen

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Thanks Tony, we do indeed. Ann Im extremely sorry you have been so inconvenienced. We have been working with environmental health to keep the noise in, and insulation is taking place as soon as possible. We have been unlucky recently with a few bands new to us who left the door open when the music was on unbeknownst to our bar staff who shut it as soon as possible. It must have seemed like the noise was in your back room then and I do sincerely apologise. Were all on the case to make sure it doesn't happen again.

Please please phone us if there is a problem. The phone in the bar is very quiet but I'll make sure the bar staff know to answer it in the office when possible- bearing in mind that a noisy night often means a busy night and they sometimes don't even hear it!

We are a community resource and take our responsibilities to our neighbours very seriously. Please do come in and have a chat about it whenever you want. Or email me.

And if theres any engineers/ builders who have any ideas about how else to keep the noise in please advise us. We'll do anything we can!

Janet, general manager of the Trades club.

From Will O

Thursday, 28 October 2010

I agree with Janet. The main problem is the quite well acoustically insulated fire door. Since the smoking ban came in it is often sneakily opened by people nipping out for a cigarette or blast of cool air during a dance night. Obviously it can't be locked so its the job of an extra volunteer to sit by the door all night to prevent it being opened. Members generally appreciate this but guests may not realise the impact this has on the Club's neighbours.