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Birchcliffe Centre Licence Application

From Bernard Le Roux

Thursday, 28 October 2010

I just wanted to publicise that The Birchcliffe Centre have quietly put in an application with Calderdale Council (number 043348) for a permanent licence for live music, recorded music and dance every day of the week except Sunday, 7.30pm - 11pm. If you wanted to contact the Council you currently only have until 2 November. In my opinion, Birchcliffe residents would do well to oppose this application and raise concerns about the potential for noise nuisance due to the lack of soundproofing of the building. You can either email licensing@calderdale.gov.uk, or write to Licensing Unit, Calderdale Council, Westgate House, Halifax HX1 1PS.

From Bernard Le Roux

Sunday, 31 October 2010

The time limit for people to write to the council with objections has now been extended to 12 November, details as on my previous post. This is because although the Birchcliffe Centre did advertise their application in the local paper, they didn't get round to putting up a notice easily viewable by persons passing in the street. (cf. Nicola Jones' forum post of 30 June 2010 re the Mayroyd planning application - the council are sympathetic to concerns that people have not been given a fair opportunity to notice and react to applications!)

From Ernest Jones

Sunday, 31 October 2010

I know nothing about the application, but am intrigued by Mr Le Roux's use of the word "quietly", hinting at underhandedness.

A licence application needs to be advertised by way of a notice displayed at the premises for 28 days following submission. In addition a notice must be published in the local press within 10 working days. What more would Mr Le Roux have the applicant do? Shout it from the rooftops? Clearly not, because doing so would constitute a noise nuisance.

A copy of the application needs to be sent to the responsible authorities, including the council's Environmental Health Services. They would make representations if not satisfied with the measures taken by the centre to prevent noise pollution, and would work with the centre to ensure that soundproofing is adequate.

I doubt there would be any deterioraton in the quality of life of Birchcliffe residents if this application is granted, and hope that the licence being granted would - in a small way - enable the centre to serve our community better.

From Guy Smith

Monday, 1 November 2010

I am concerned at Mr Jones' glib comment 'I doubt there would be any deterioraton in the quality of life of Birchcliffe residents if this application is granted'.

Birchcliffe is one of the most beautiful parts of our beautiful town and what makes that beauty transcedent is the quiet at night. Birchcliffe is at the edge of town behind is the old cemetry and then the moors. Most if not all the residents choose to live here because of the quiet. At present you might hear the owls in the graveyard woods and on a still night perhaps a train in the valley and little else. Such peace is rare and should be protected. A music venue in such a place would not just be a slight deterioration in the quality of life it would utterly, utterly destroy it.

From Bernard Le Roux

Monday, 1 November 2010

Ernest Jones, I think we are in full agreement with each other that businesses should pursue their licence applications in accordance with the rules. As indicated in my previous post I have no doubt that the Birchcliffe Centre advertised in the Bridge Times, additionally I have no doubt they have notified the necessary authorities.

What they did not do however is 'shout it from the rooftops' by displaying a notice at the premises for 28 days, easily viewable by persons passing in the street. That is why they are open to accusations of trying to get the application through quietly and without giving people in the immediate vicinity a fair chance to notice and raise objections.

Calderdale Council agree that the correct signage was not displayed, which is why they have granted an extension until 12 November for people to register their objections. I disagree with your last point, but I am happy that people are now aware of this application and can write to the council about it or discuss it here on this community forum. Incidentally, do you live anywhere near the Birchcliffe Centre or are you a bit further away?