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Christmas Lights

From Andrew B

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Is it just me or is anyone else disappointed with this years Christmas Lights already?

Less than 1 week in and they are already failing either completely or missing parts. I also note that the large lights that cross Crown Street, Albert Street & Market Street are not completely energy efficient- after having a look online, there appears to be a mixture of both LED Rope Light, and filament rope light- the difference is clear- The LED Gives off a bright white colour, whilst the older, less efficient alternative gives an almost yellow colour- why were these mixed on the same lights? A 14ft white light with a metre or 2 of yellow in and amongst looks ridiculous!

I understand some of the light's in Mytholmroyd were designed by local school children; that's nice to hear, however who's been hiding the others for the last 30 years?

It would be extremely interesting to know the true cost of this lighting to the Town Council and in turn to the tax payer, also the origin of the lights- are they from a local supplier or imported - particularly with the whole 'Totally Locally' campaign; it would be nice to see the Town Council following suit.

After speaking to the council this afternoon I believe engineers have been out for 2 days (although there are still many lights not lit), it would be interesting to see which, if any, of the lights are lit by Christmas.

The tree in the square doesn't look to bad though!

From Jenny B

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

The square looks lovely, but the lights on Crown Street and Market Street are disappointing. And yes, the yellow lights in with the white is noticeable. I understand that there will be a limited budget for the lights but they seem very sparse this year. The kids designs are great but 'lost' by being placed with such a gap between.

Mytholmroyd fares worse with a very poor show. Lets hope the existing lights can be added to each year so we eventually get a decent display.
I should hope they were purchased locally, there is after all a christmas lights manufacturer in Mytholmroyd!

Another issue for me is why they were switched on in mid-November? Surely in this economic climate the switch on would have been more appropriate for early December? This would also reduce light polution.

From Sutti H

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

I think it was explained last year Andrew.

The council can't afford to buy new LED lights in one year so they have spread the purchace over 3 or 4 years.

I am also commited to buying as much as possible local, but I'm sure you will not find a local manufacturer of LED lights, so value for money must be the answer.

Maybe replace the tree in the square with a 25 meter wind turbine to power the lights?

From Tony W

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Whilst I agree with both comments, I am sure that whilst our town council does have limited cash for such things, I would think that calderdale council do subsidise them in some way and we do have a weaker show than some areas. Never the less the square and crown street are looking very festive.

I think that shops should do their bit and offer festive window displays with lighting

I definitely agree that they were on far too early. Christmas has been commercialised enough and 18th November is too soon in my opinion.
I presume as rate payers we do contribute to this cost. Also an interesting point raised is light pollution. Do the lights go off at night? Could they be switched off at night if they don't?

Does anyone know where do we find out things such as how much they cost and where they came from? I personally would like to see a comparison of budgets/costs as against other areas etc.

I would agree that totally locally should mean we purchased the lights locally, although I suspect such things are imported at point of wholesale.


From Andrew B

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Sutti- I understand the cost implications of LED, but to purchase lights that have half and half is certainly a manufacturing error, not an option at the time of purchase- where LED might use 1 watt of power per meter, the older rope light uses over 15, resulting in the required current being varied throughout the light.

There is indeed a festive light manufacturer in Mytholmroyd- there website states they are the UK's Largest Manufacturer of Christmas Decorations.

Either way, the display is shabby, and whoever has agreed that our taxes fund these needs to seriously consider their position; if we see cock-ups like this with Christmas lights I dread to think what else is going on!

From Maureen Brian

Thursday, 25 November 2010

I love pretty things and mid-winter festivals, assorted. Especially I love the tree in the square and the singing around it.

Let's have a sense of proportion, though. There is no obligation on Hebden Bridge to have the largest, most impressive display on the planet. We are, despite all the awards, a small town living through a recession.

Now if I thought that public officials were cheese-paring personal care or failing to grasp the potential of an imaginative youth outreach scheme because they were all huddled over a calculator trying to squeeze a few more lightbulbs out of the budget then, in honour of my Viking ancestors from whom you got several aspects of what we now call Christmas, I would go berserk.

I know women were not supposed to do that but this is Hebden Bridge!

From Andy M

Friday, 26 November 2010

We could of course, in the spirit of the cuts, just do without Christmas lights and so save the Council valuable budget to spend on something else!

From Paul L

Friday, 26 November 2010

I agree that the lights are poor.

More attractive lights could attract shoppers / visitors, so could thereofe also have a positive impact on the local economy.

Sowerby Bridge seems to always have simple yet colourful and striking lights, so I cannot see why HB cannot do something similar.


From Billy Painter

Friday, 3 December 2010

Excluding St Georges Square, the lights are a little disappointing this year. I am delighted that we're supporting energy efficient lights, and I would like to think that they've been manufactured by relatively local companies. But do they all need to be energy efficient? And what's wrong with decorating the side streets?

I don't believe we need to entice tourists into our Town with over the top Blackpool like lights, but I do feel however that more effort needs to go into the shop fronts on the Burnley Road. Thousands of people pass through Hebden Bridge on a daily basis, and we want people to take notice and realise what a lovely town Hebden Bridge is at Christmas. At the moment, it could be early November...

The tree in the Square looks ace none the less and I look forward to Carol singing again on Christmas Eve!


From Dave H

Thursday, 9 December 2010

I agree Billy. St. David Fletcher Square seems to be the only place where, once again, money and time has been spent to make it look as the rest of the town should. When I speak to friends from outside the area who visit occassionally, they rarely know that Hebden Bridge extends beyond this square. We should be positively encouraging visitors to expand their horizons and explore Hebden Bridge a little more. It has much, much more to offer.

From Luby B

Thursday, 9 December 2010

I agree with you Paul L the lights in Sowerby Bridge are my favourite too, they provide a simple yet effective cheery display that works.

From Kerry McQuade

Friday, 10 December 2010

As a fairy light freak, I love coming home from work on the bus to Hebden from Halifax and seeing the old-fashioned Sowerby Bridge lights in the distance from King Cross. magical!

But the twinkling LED lights in Halifax Town Centre are stunning too. There's so many of them.

And the kids'-paintings-inspired lights in Mytholmroyd are also brilliant: just not enough of them.

Let's hope Hebden Royd has a little bit of money every year to add to ours..

(PS I'm loving the St George's Square tree, but I hate blue too- not very warm and Christmassy!)

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