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Deer under threat in Luddenden

From Caroline Buchanan

Saturday, 27 November 2010

We have a secret in the Luddenden Valley. Our woods and fields are home to a small group of Sika deer who delight locals and visitors alike with their appearances. It always feels like a real privilege to spot them when out walking the dog or driving to or from work.

These deer are now under threat. One of the local farmers has hired someone to shoot them and is advertising Luddenden Valley venison at his butcher's shop in the Halifax area. I have no objection to culling deer or to eating venison. However, we are hardly over-run. The group hasn't risen above 5 deer over the 5 years that I've been aware of them. It appears to be more of a commercial venture than pest reduction. I'm also concerned about shooting on land near homes and public footpaths.

Please don't buy "local" or "Luddenden Valley" venision and please voice your objections if you see meat advertised like this.
Thank you.

From John Billingsley

Friday, 21 January 2011

What's the situation now? Are the deer still around? Hope so...