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Refuse collection

From Martin F

Monday, 6 December 2010

Well, following my praise of Calderdale and their efficiency in clearing roads, I now have to award them 'nul points' for refuse collection.

I have been told that, despite the fact that last Thursday there was no collection, there will be none this Thursday to make up (recycling only) and the next collection of black bags will then be a week on Thursday. I assume this is weather permitting, so that means that if, despite the roads being clear, it is once again assumed that conditions are not suitable, the next time that the bags are likely to be collected will be a further two weeks (possibly), and so on....

One, valid, reason for not coming was put as the danger of the paths. Why can't the workers be provided with either boots that enable them to walk on snow? Alternately there are things that people can put on the bottom of boots so that they can walk on snow. Why cannot they be provided to the bin men?

Refuse collections do not stop in other parts of the world that have snow at this time of year, so it is difficult to understand why they stop here.