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Lib Dem council propaganda

From Mark Jones

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Yesterday, I received my free copy (Is it free, or does the people's Council Tax pay for these?) of 'the Voice'.

As a Lib Dem voter in the last election, I was quite surprised to receive this kind of paper as I thought the Lib Dems were different. I thought to myself, surely the Lib Dems don't employ the same tactics as Conservatives/Labour?

According to 'the Voice', the Conservatives would have ignored thousands of Calderdale residents had they still been in power. Would have??? Are Janet Battye, Nader Fekri and David O'Neill in possession of a time machine? I think not.

Of the information in this four page waste of money, it in no way represents all the facts, especially the middle pages.

The amount of space in this 'free' paper given to local issues could of easily been printed on a piece of A4 paper if it didn't have blown up full colour pictures.

Rather than a propaganda fest, wouldn't a simple factual newsletter be more adequate and cost-effective?

From Paul Clarke

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Mark, to paraphrase The Who I hope at the next local/national elections 'You Won't Get Fooled Again'.

I'll comment on the laughable Voice when I have more time over Xmas but I shall leave you all with my fave Interweb joke of the moment.

Why did Nick Clegg cross the road?

Cos he said he wouldn't.

Sums the Fibs up beautifully.

Have a merry Xmas.

From James Baker

Friday, 21 January 2011

It's my understanding 'the voice' is paid for by the local Liberal Democrats not the tax payer. So it is free. Calderdale council has 'Calderdale Call' which is a non-partsian publication about council services.

The Lib Dems put out a mixture of free newspapers and Focus leaflet newsletters. Like any political party they tell stories from their own point of view.