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Project X   drop-in

Monday, 14 June 2010

Project X will be holding their first drop-in at the Hope Baptist Church opposite the cinema on Thursday 17th June 2010; 3.30–6.30 pm. The entrance is round the back — follow the signs!

Project X is a local, not-for-profit enterprise initiative providing support and opportunities for young people aged 13–25 and their parents, carers and families in the Upper Calder Valley. We aim to identify local needs and skills with which to develop a vibrant and working pool of talent, resources and ideas. We want to provide responsive and relevant services for young people including sexual health and relationships, youth forums, and a safe space to meet and be part of developing community resource.

We want the young people to help drive the project and develop ideas already discussed and introduced by young people in your town. You may have already attended one or both of the Projexions gigs at the Trades and we want to make this a regular feature — using young people’s talents to build on this. One of the plans for the drop-ins is to develop the running and future of these gigs and the backdrops for the events. We also hope to develop resources so that you can create your own music at the drop-in.

This is one of many ideas that young people have asked for and been involved in already this year. We want to make sure we are providing opportunities and the resources that enable the young people in the upper calder valley to create and develop their ideas for what they want and need! We can only do this if you come and make your opinion heard!

Everyone welcome to attend. See what is on offer!

Contact Project X Calderdale for more info 
Or contact Saph on 07540553155


Monday, 15 February 2010

Local Launch a Roaring Success

The Project X-Calderdale benefit event at the Trades Club, Hebden Bridge (Friday 5th) was a fantastic success. DJs Leo and Billy Bongo, Recorded Filth and of course Maghribibeat created a great atmosphere, with decor by Hana Osbourne, Jules Rimer, Ella Mottram and Sarah Always . This was the launch of a new and unique service for young people, their parents, carers and families.

The event generated significant interest in the project from many of those who came — "self development not force feeding" was a comment from one of the young performers at the event, who went on to say that he appreciated a project that promoted autonomy.

The organisation aims to capitalise on this momentum by establishing a drop in service in the local area.

A workshop/drop in day has been scheduled for the 18th February from 2pm to 6pm at Salem Ground Floor Project. Project X would like to extend an open invitation for residents to come and share their ideas and get involved.

The In response to the success of the night Kiran Narang – the Project’s Co-ordinator – stated that “The night has been possible because of the skills, talent and time of young and older people living in the community, willing to work together giving their and energy to make it happen; a huge thank you to everyone. It proves that it can be done, and done differently; be relevant, inclusive, and creative. All the necessary ingredients are out there, it’s time to make sure we, as a community, don’t waste it.”

The organisers would like to extend their thanks and appreciation to all of those who came along to support the launch, the artists who entertained us all, and especially to Janet and Dave and all at the Trades Club, who have shown tremendous support and enthusiasm for the aims of the project. The money raised from the event will go towards the establishment of the drop-in service.


Monday, 1 February 2010

Project X Calderdale is a new social enterprise initiative operating in and around the Upper Calder Valley. We will be providing support and guidance for young people their families and carers. Our objective is to establish a service for young people by young people, promoting community cohesion and development through education, awareness and creative activities.

Project X is the brainchild of Kiran Narang, who has worked in social care for twenty five years. Kiran has developed the ethos of Project X with help from local volunteers. With the support of Calderdale Council, Project X is going to be launching a drop-in service, from which several forums will be developed. Our aim is to identify local needs and skills with which to develop a vibrant and productive pool of talent, resources and skills.

On the 5th February we will be celebrating our launch with a benefit night including DJs and local Moroccan fusion band "Maghribibeat." The door price is £5 to all and proceeds will go towards the development of the project. All are welcome to come and support this new local service, please come and get involved.


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