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Hebden Bridge Transition Town launch at Big Green Weekend

This year Hebden Bridge celebrates its 500th birthday. But what will the next 500 years be like? For a century now we’ve been having a ball, thanks to all the cheap oil, gas and coal, but because this supply is running out and our planet cannot sustain the lifestyle this has fuelled, our lives will change drastically whether we are ready for it or not.

Transition Town

Becoming a Transition Town is a way of having some say about how we’d like those changes to be. It begins by working groups on issues such as food, transport, energy and health designing a blueprint of what a future sustainable Hebden Bridge would be like, then making a practical energy decent plan of how to get there and implementing it.

The Transition Zone will mark the launch of Hebden Bridge as a Transition Town and we would like to involve as many local people as possible in the process.

The Transition Zone hopes to be a living experiment exploring what a sustainable Hebden Bridge could be like. It would like to bring together groups and individuals who are already working on sustainable solutions like growing local food, creating local energy, becoming zero carbon, developing sustainable transport, re-using local waste and sharing useful skills. It would like to inspire and be enjoyed and will include a local organic café, a solar powered cinema, a bike powered stage and a free shop. There will be talks and practical workshops on all sorts of things from keeping bees to generating your own electricity. Planters to plant up and take home and some to leave as a permanent garden. Bike races, recycled craft activities and fun for all ages.

If you would like to help us organise this event and beyond, please come to one of our fortnightly meetings at the Nutclough Tavern on Keighley road, Wednesdays at 8pm.

Or alternatively please get in touch via our website if you wish to run a workshop, do a talk, run a craft activity, share a skill, bring some plants, grow some seedlings, help in the café, with kids activities or just generally muck in at the event. We will also be using a building to make things in the few weeks leading up to the event.

Check the website to find out details and come along!


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